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I forgot to mention the crazy dream I had the other night. I was prepping for a figure comp at the last minute. My suit didn’t fit, I was flabby, and untanned. I didn’t know how to pose and I didn’t look like I had ever picked up a weight in my life.
I woke up before I got on stage, whew.


I’ve had one of those. Almost as bad as the “Omfgihaveatestinaclassihaveyettoattend” dream.

I’m sorry the hubby is leaving again so soon, but I’m glad you’ve got such a great plan training- and diet-wise in the interim. You certainly are an inspiration, and I’m looking forward to following along on the “home stretch” and beyond!

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Alpha- my favorite MD internet pal…you still working on getting that gym together that you


i wish girlie, I had to do hill sprints tonight because the gym it too filled with asshats…Why wont weak people stop stealing my oxygen?!?


because you’ve not yet suffocated them. [/quote]

These are facts.

dropping to say hey and will be following the new journal. I too know the “rebound” effect of fast/strict dieting, slow is the way to go.

My son’s first day back to school was today… 3rd grade! And our little daughter’s first day of preschool is tomorrow. She gets to ride the bus and everything! I’m feeling my age now. But at least we’ll still be ‘young,’ when they are out of the house someday. First trip I am planning is Italy, then Ireland, then Fiji :slight_smile:

I I’ve come to realize that baked goods are not meant to be eaten on a weekly basis. Gluten is NOT my friend and I really DO LOVE my protein n veggies <3!!!

Feeling your age, are you? This made me smile. :slight_smile:

Baked goods are my crack. I LOVE THEM. But I can’t eat them without paying the price of feeling sluggish and bad. Protein and veggies make me feel good. So at some point us thinking gals learn to back off on the stuff that feels bad, even when it tastes so good.

I smiled too, Kimba. “Feeling her age” indeed…I’ll probably be in my 50s when whatever kids I have will leave the house.

I had a dream about baked goods the other night. I dreamt I made protein cookies and protein pudding and protein cake and Superfood meatloaf and Superfood mashed potatoes.

Thats funny Grn!

Kim- I do so looove baked goods. Im not in the camp that says you SHOULD NOT eat it at all. EVER!
But personally, I feel better without that stuff. I’ve been abnormally tired and not sleeping well(even with sleeping meds) my tummy has been hurting and I’ve been achey and just run down feeling. I blame the crap food I’ve been eating.
Coupled with the fact that I was diagnosed with having a gluten intolerance when I was growing up( I didn’t find this out til I was 29, thanks Mom!) I feel it’s best to just stay away 90% of the time at least.

whew, that was a ramble!

Got my daughter onto the bus this morning. Had to wrestle her into the little seat all while she was screaming and yelling at me… that’s my girl!

The house is quiet, but I think I’m going to go play in the gym for a bit. Even though I feel ragged.

that girl of yours sounds like a fire cracker! If all that energy could be focused into something productive when she gets a little older…hell she could probably find the cure for cancer! :slight_smile: It’s hard to deal with it now but spirited children have backbone. If she learns to adapt and grow you won’t be afraid of letting her loose in the world. Those people can stand up for themselves.

She’s a spirited one alright…
She’s not very accepting of new experiences without me there. She gets easily overwhelmed and frustrated. She’s as stubborn as they come and doesn’t take no for an answer. But she she can be just as sweet as she can be sassy. :wink: No one can talk her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. Which is why she gave me hell this morning, and I hope we are still on speaking terms when she gets back, lol.

Just home from the gym with enough time to get cleaned up. I’m extra tired now, but glad I went.

HA! My mother used to LOVE when the school year started. She’d pretend she was all sad that we were leaving but we knew…

Greenie that is too funny!!

Nice that you’re getting out of the gym for the bike rides MiM.

So, momma, when’s the b-day?

What birthday? I’m 21 forever! :wink:

J/k…it was Tuesday.


To my favorite maritime Virgo :slight_smile:

darnit! This no picture thing showing up here is getting on my nerves!! :confused:

thanks Maschy!! :slight_smile:

Btw- daughter got off the bus with a smile on her face. Bus driver said she stopped screaming shortly after pulling away, so yay!

My bone aching PMS back-ache has shown up again…it huuurts :frowning:

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darnit! This no picture thing showing up here is getting on my nerves!! :confused:
You know I did answer this for you, seriously, right? :slight_smile:

Glad your daughter calmed down after the bus left, whenever I’d drop mine off at daycare and she’s flip out, she was always fine before I even left the building. Kids…they be crazy!

ya, kids are funny.

It too my daughter about 6 months where she was fine about getting down on her own at daycare. Before that the ladies would literally have to peeel her off of me.

[quote]mom-in-MD wrote:
ya, kids are funny.

It too my daughter about 6 months where she was fine about getting down on her own at daycare. Before that the ladies would literally have to peeel her off of me. [/quote]

It sucks when they need to be peeled off, because you feel horrible for having to leave them and they don’t understand. Ahh the joys of being a parent!

Man, I’m glad I went to a babysitter’s starting at 5 months. I had no separation issues at all. Starting in kindergarten I walked to the bus stop by myself, waited by myself, got on/off the bus by myself. When I went to Girl Scout camp for two weeks I think it was worse on my mom than it was on me.

happy late birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I had to reupload my photo. I think it works now.

everyone, give MIM a hug.

she needs one today.