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Finish Him! Shao Khan - FFB -> Somewhat Fit -> Back to FB in 30s. Future Goal: Fittest Ever in Life

Just a training log for training to keep myself in check.

I bodybuildeded back in my 20s for a year. Gained some serious muscle and strength ( was still a noobie though.) Did the 5x5, measured my protein, carbs, fat, etc. Never got ideally where I wanted though. (Didn’t work smart enough.)

Now I’m 33 (that was probably 10 years ago) and I am like 40% body fat. I have gotten back in the gym. Worked out haphazardly, wasn’t really measuring anything and not gaining strength. Inconsistent, etc.

All I know is I progressed the most with a forum journal and online enthusiasts in the past. I was serious and I want to do that. No way I’m going to be the fat in the my 40’s. I want to be in shape, and have some other goals.

Currently: Last time I went to the gym I was doing dips with assisted weights (used to do with ADDED weights in university), haven’t been logging etc.

I actually got into a CAR ACCIDENT when I did start going consistently.

I lift weights at home and I want to start lifting 5x5 style again. I tend to overdo it though so I’m going to lay back and measure how much weight I press, my sleep was shit and it’s slightly improved but sometimes I still have challenges (making me not want to train.)

I want to just get strong (I LOVED lifting compound exercises and want to do stuff like handstands olympic stuff, etc.) This being fat again is DEMORALIZING! I lost a shit own of weight last year but had to move back home for reasons beyond my control and my momma here feeds my fats a lot. I usually kept all my guilty foods away from me (literally not being in the house.) over here it’s literal distraction constantly. Either way, enough bitching.

I had 55 pound dumb bells at home, I worked out two days ago and yesterday I was just a zombie (over did it I guess.) I haven’t been measuring how many reps or what I do, just try to hit compounds and get myself feeling good and push myself to my limit. I realize this is not ideal so I’m saying this for a kick in the ass. Today I haven’t done ish but that’s okay… just a human being :slight_smile:

Also, I think I’m gonna get back to 5x5. Before I used to do 5x5 three times a week plus added interval exercises two times a week. I was part time in school and so I could just nap. Now I have responsibilities and external pressures so gotta manage that a bit.

will update soon. :slight_smile: Nice to meet all of you :smiley:
I just want to get strong again and hopefully even long term maybe start doing some olympic lifting :slight_smile: body weight pull ups, etc. would be sick! :smiley: