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Finish Deadlift Routine

Are there anyone here that are using the 20 week finish program (with success)? I used it many years ago when I was quite a bit younger and weaker and it worked quite OK. Now when Im a lot older (soon 52) and stronger I worry about recovering between the heavier workouts later on in the program. Im currently pulling 260 kg and aiming for a nice even 300 within 6 month.

I have a knee injury so I cant squat so its just bench and dead lift.

Ive combined Sheikos 29 (just bench related exercises + abs) with the 20 week DL program, Im just on the 3:rd week and so far so good. I think the first 10 weeks will be OK but its on the last heavy part Id like to have your opinion.


ps.Im lifting raw, with-out belt, if that makes any difference.

Where is this routine that you speak of?

I’m not sure if I can post the routines here because they’re on other trainingsites.

Just do a Google search on “finish deadlift routine” and “Sheiko”.

What I have done is taken the bench stuff from sheiko: ie bench, flies, dips, push-ups etc and ditched deadlift, squat, good mornings etc.

Deadlifts + rows and chins, are done monday and friday with wednesday an easy day.

This one: www.ampedtraining.com/workouts/finnish-deadlift-routine ?

It’s a bit hard to decipher, it looks to my admittedly inexperienced eye like it’s calling for very light loads most of the time.

EDIT: I just noticed the words “when you’re pulling over a grand” in the foreword.

Light loads but not so light after all. The program is in 3 parts, part 1 is stiff legged deadlifts for sets of 10 reps, part 2 is deadlifts from a 3-4 inch platform for 5 reps and the 3:rd and last part is normal deadlifts for the reps written in the program.

Part 3 is not light, look at week 5, the 2 last sets are 1 rep on 103% followed by 3 reps on 96%!