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FINiBARs Pre-Workout


CT, I train early morning getting up 30minutes before I train. I start with a large glass of cold water. What is more optimal pre-workout.

FINiBAR & Protein shake
or just one?

Im just wondering about timing & what would be better as it is a really short time after waking up that I train.



Hey bud,

Your muscles are going to need a little longer to fully wake up.



Fair Enough but your body has a an awesome ability to adapt. I do something similar to T100, but do the appropriate neural activation before I start lifting - Lower + pressing especially - ala Thibs recommendations. Back + biceps I do a few few feeler sets, and some dynamic work before my work sets. It took me a week or so to get into the swing of this, but I feel that I've adapted well and am making good progress. I do live in Bangkok though where it's warm all year round - No doubt a different 'kettle of fish' in colder climates.

Also, of course we are all different, so it may be that T100 will require more time in the Am before lifting...Get up earlier dude!!
In terms of Para - workout, I drink an ice coffee about 10-15 mins after I wake, eat a FINiBAR <20 as walking to the gym which is 150 metres away. I then drink the appropriate amount of SWF, MAG-10 and Anaconda about <10 I start my workout. I use this 10 minutes before for any activation or dynamic work.

Just my '10 cents'



Yep, and not just muscles, but fluid between all joints especially spine, and the nervous system.


Good call, Moogs and Muts!


I believe it is usually 3-4 hours after awaking for the nervous system to be "awake" Plus as Mutsanah mentioned the spine will still be filled with fluid.

However, life sometimes gets in the way and if a FINiBAR and whey protein are the only two things at your disposal that you want to use, i would suggest the FINiBAR 20-30min pre and the whey protein afterward. If those are the items you want to use mind you.


Sweet cheers for the advice guys, I normally would not training that early & my nutrition would be fine, just my schedule over the last 4 weeks has only allowed me to train at that time.