Finibars During Weight Loss

My main goal is weight loss (350lbs) and I have had success in the past by eating protein bars(2) (Kirkland brand) and 2 pieces of fruit during the day and a balanced meal at night. I would like to try finbars but I am not sure if they are appropriate at this time. I am moderately active, lifting, walking, swimming and stationary bike.

They will provide nutrition just fine, but that is a VERY low protein diet no matter what bar you eat. Super low calorie too. Given you are 350lbs now and lost wieght in the past, I imagine you regained to 350. Do you have a more sustainable approach you intend to employ after a drastic approach like this?


I am just doing this to kick start my weight loss for a couple of months, it’s my version of a velocity diet which provides plenty of protein but, I have failed at shakes only in the past and this has worked. I was considering adding 2 shakes on top of this to up the protein with minimal calories. I did maintain a 100lb weight loss for 5 years mainly by doing hot yoga and staying out of bars! My sustainable approach is not drinking alcohol during the week which derails my otherwise healthy approach of a “Green faces” diet I saw on this site a few years ago.
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You do know that the Velocity Diet is quite specific about not substituting anything, yes?

If you like this approach, can I recommend something with a little more… substance?

^OMAD with ‘protein pulses’ AKA protein shakes/bars.

Did you previously weigh 450lb and got down to 350? Or how did you end up at 350?

You could also simply follow this very sustainable lifestyle and find sustainable results. The plan to get the goal should not change once you obtain the goal… make lifestyle changes, not diet changes.

The velocity diet does, yes, because it’s a lot of high protein shakes. 2 Costco bars is 40g of protein. Unless your balanced dinner at night is 2+lbs of steak, this is going to clock in pretty low.

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Some interesting thoughts on a hybrid Velocity Diet approach here.