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FINiBAR VS Surge Workout Fuel


If it comes downn to being able to afford 1 FINiBAR per workout or using Surge workout fuel, which is more effective? I am already using 1 scoop MAG-10 during the workout as well.


SWF... you get the electrolytes and beta-alanine, which is pure win. Plus you get extra citrulline malate/leucine.

Finibars are damn tasty though, and I like having a little something in my stomach before training... they are hard to give up.


I know ModBrian once explained how one may be better for performance athletes (or something along those lines...?!), but honestly I can't recall his exact explanaion. Personally, I've used both, and while I prefer the Finibars simply due to their solid state (I train better when there's something in my stomach), I use the SWF to augment my numbers when I can't have 3 Finibars on particular days towards the end of a prep (I'll use 2 bars + 1 scoop SWF instead).





If I were only able to afford 1 scoop Mag-10 is prob use 2-3 scoops of something a bit cheaper like hydrolyzed whey. Or whey isolate and bcaas


I don't even think you would need hydro or whey isolate... IMO it's too 'heavy' for training. Most people would do quite well with loads of BCAA powder mixed with beta alanine and electrolytes. Simple. Then take in some Surge Recovery post-workout with some creatine..


I do the exact same thing

If my daily carb/cal levels are a bit higher, I'll add 1-2 FINiBARs to my usual Surge Workout Fuel, ANACONDA, and MAG-10

If my daily numbers are a bit lower, I'll remove the FINiBARs

Basically, my days look as follows:

Low Carb Day (less than 100 grams total): 2 Surge Workout Fuel, 2 ANACONDA, 2 MAG-10 (veggies only at other meals)

Moderate Day (about 150-175 grams total): 1 FINiBAR, 2 Surge Workout Fuel, 2 ANACONDA, 2 MAG-10 (plus one other meal (usually breakfast) that contains 25-50 grams carbs + trace amount of carbs from veggies, protein powder and other foods

High Carb Day (around 200-250): 2 FINiBAR, 2 Surge Workout Fuel, 2 ANACONDA, 2 MAG-10 (plus 1-2 other meals that contain 40 grams of carbs)

I guess that doesn't really answer your question though.

I'd go for the Surge Workout Fuel over the FINiBARs....they contain other ingredients that can boost performance, that the bars don't


Syn... on your low carb day, why don't you just have 1 scoop of Surge Workout Fuel instead of 2, and then have 1 FINiBAR? I mean, you already have 2 scoops of the ANACONDA, plus a scoop of Surge Workout Fuel... that should be enough of the performance ingredients, no?