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FINiBAR, Metabolic Drive, or Surge Workout Fuel


Hi All,

I was recently diagnosed with a moderate case ulcerative colitis and have just come off a back to back series of flares. During the recovery, I have to essentially restructured my diet, but need some suggestions on how to supplement my attempts to start weight training and regain the strength and some of the muscle mass that was lost during the past couple of months. Also, I had to stop all training for over a year due to repeated flares and misdiagnoses, so it feels like in many ways I'll be starting over from scratch with respect to training.

Specifically I have some questions on how to do my pre and post workout "meal". I read on the forums that some suggest FINiBARs, while others prefer the Surge Workout Fuel prior to their workouts. Would someone be able to explain the pros/cons of either one.? Also, what do you guys recommend for immediately post workout to aid in recovery/growth? Is Surge Recovery what you guys use?

Thank you kindly in advance.