Fingertip Push-ups and Phalangeal Joint Health?

Ross Enamait argues in several of his books that he has never had a finger/knuckle injury since starting fingertip pushups. Now far be it of me to question Ross, but fingertip pushups strike me as putting tremendous shearing force on knuckles, particularly the most distal joint of the fingers and thumb.

Do people have experience with this? They obviously make the pushup itself more challenging, but other than that have any of you noticed the effect of the exercise on your joints or those of people you know?

I used to do them all the time. Never really had any problems.

Been doing them since I was 7 or 8… no problems so far.

I used to do them quite a bit as well. I even used to do clapping finger tip push-ups, and never had any issues with injuring my fingers/knuckles.