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Fingers on Rings When Squatting?


I am currently at 220 pounds and today when I squatted I put my middle finger on the ring and this is a 45 pound oly bar so its not big at all. Im not sure if it is because I have small delts, but it gave me more control for low bar. Anyone else do this?


It can allow you to keep a tighter back when squatting. One thing you may want to consider is that if you start to experience some new wrist or biceps pain it may be related to the close "grip" on the bar. You can tape or wrap your wrists tightly to avoid the wrist pain but the bicepital tendonitis, in my experience, has only been relieved by moving the hands further apart.

Edit: I've also found that greatly reducing squat volume i.e. every two weeks, low # of sets and reps, helps a great deal with the discomfort as well. This could be applicable to powerlifters, definitely is applicable to field athletes.


Thats the same grip I used on the bar. The only issue I have is that when I do a program like smolov my elbows hurt like hell.


I can't squat low bar for more than 2 weeks in a row because of elbow pain, regardless of hand position. It cripples all of my other training.


I use pinky on rings with no thumbs wrapped around the bar, I use a low bar placement and I've never had issues with pain, control, or tightness.

Find what's comfortable for you.


Low bar, thumbless with thumb resting on the ring, and no problems with elbows/wrist yet.

I used to put pointer on ring with thumb wrapped around as well, and i developed tendinitis when squatting in the 400's.


I have also found that wearing wrist wraps and elbow sleeves helps the pain tremendously.


Low bar as well, ring fingers on smooth part of the rings, thumbless. Read about it in Dan John's Starting Strength, applied it to my squat... It really helped with control in the descent as it prevents me from "chicken winging" my elbows backward as I descend.

Stretching the shoulder area before squats I have found helps greatly as well in bar control & lessens any pain in the joints from staying "tight" (closer grip)


I normally keep a narrow grip while squatting because my shoulders would get sore (not the good kind) from too wide a grip. I also feel more stabilized all over when I squat this way.


i have the same issue. now i rotate every other week between front squat and back squat. then when i back squat, i only do singles with anything above 600lbs.


I put my ring fingers on the hash marks, But i dont squat low bar.


Have always squatted with my pointer finger on the rings, probably been doing that for 5 years now and no issues to speak of, its helps me stay tighter throughout the entire lift...really can't imagine doing it any different.


When I start, my middle finger is on the rings. But as my sets progress and my shoulders loosen up, I slide them in. By the time I get to my work sets my hands are a couple inches inside the rings. Also thumbless and when I get to about 315 I wrap up my wrists. Helps to keep my upper back tight and elbows down.

But I don't squat low bar.


Yeah I've been rotating the safety bar and manta ray in when my elbows flare up. It's been working well. May start adding zerchers from pins as well (I have been shamelessly stealing movements from you since you started the PR thread).


I squat with my hands between the smooth part and the rings, but I'm small. This is low-bar by the way.


I put my index on or slightly outside the ring, regardless of bar placement. For all of those with tight/achy shoulders, try this quick Diesel Crew warmup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCp-YynBEvE

Seems kind of elementary, but it REALLY helps my shoulder.

EDIT: When doing these, use 5lb DBs. Not supposed to be heavy.


you should give the bottom up front squats against bands a try. very brutal but i get a huge carryover from them.