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Fingers Burn During Dips


During dips, and only during dips, the last two fingers on my right hand burn after two or three reps and just plain hurt after five to seven. I've tried adjusting my grip by placing my wrist differently and tried wearing gloves, but nothing helps.

The odd thing is nothing else causes it. I can bench my body weight a couple of times and never have the pain, so I don't think it's just the load. Lastly, I tried the assisted dip machine and even if I just put five pounds on it, I don't usually have the pain. Now that I think about it, the assisted machine has the handles a bit further apart, maybe that's it?

I guess my question is what do you think is causing it, and is there anythign I can do about it. Assisted dips are too easy for me now, but obviously I can't use a dip belt if my own body weight causes my hand to hurt.


I had that happen to me before. You have a nerve somewhere in your neck (L-2 or L-3 if I remember correctly)rubing up against a vertabrae.

When this happened to me I needed three adjustments from a very good Chiropractor (yes there are bad ones around) and I was all better!

Good Luck,



I agree that it sounds like a nerve issue.

Also, does the assisted dip machine allow you to also do non assisted dips? The one at our gym does. Maybe the wider grip would help. Just a thought.



Thanks guys. I thought it might be a nerve, but I figured it was my wrist. I never thought it might be in my neck.

I'll ask around for a chiro recommendation.

I could put a weight on the stand to keep the assist part down I guess, and do that for the time being.

Again, thanks for the help.


The issue for you is that you are impinging a portion of your brachial plexus at the C8 nerve root (ulnar nerve), or that is at least what I am getting from your description.

When you are in the bottom portion of your dip, the brachial plexus is being pressed against the coracoid process of your scapula and the clavicle.

How to fix this? Couple things:

1) Look at your form during dips. If you feel that your shoulders are coming closer together, you really need to concentrate on keeping your chest up more to move the shoulders apart. Especially at the bottom portion of the exercise.

2) Stretch your pecs (clavicular head) and strengthen your lower traps.

That is some really easy stuff I can tell you. However, this is all based on the minimal symptoms you are presenting with. If this doesn't help it, lemme know.


I'm sorry, I meant first rib, not coracoid plexus. Sorry about that.