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Finger Prick Blood Test Accuracy?

I was wondering if anyone had any consistent fingerprick blood tests for their hormones that seemed accurate.

I was able to find a few studies online that basically say they are a reliable way of measuring testosterone levels and other things.

If I wanted to get my Total T checked in the future just to see if my HPTA is up and running, and considering it is so cheap, would it be a reliable way of doing so?

I’ll put it to you this way: I have never heard of a doctor or a clinic using these tests when administering or consulting about beginning trt. Take that for what it’s worth.

I tried to do a finger prick blood test, and the company wouldn’t post my results because they were out of an expected range. Not sure if accurate or not.

I will say, it is a lot more than a drop of blood you send in. They make you fill a little vial up to a line. I had to prick my finger a half dozen times, and milk the blood out for about 5 minutes to fill their vial. It was a PITA as a heads up.

The one I used was more expensive than discountlabs.com. I can get comprehensive “bodybuilder panel” labs pulled as a package for about the same price as test, free test, E2, prolactin and SHBG in the mail in test.

The advantage is you can do it at home without stigma. I always felt weird going to LabCorp for blood work.