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Finger Injury on Rack Deads

Just curious if anyone knows the best way to treat this injury. So far I’ve only been able to see a article on finger pulley (ligament,tendon) injuries for mountain climbers. I don’t recall exactly when besides a slight twinge that was on the periphery of my consciousness. When I went for the next pull, half way through, a sharp pain occured in the joint/ligament area closest to the tip of my ring finger.

The only times it acts up is if I grip something and try to apply pressure by flexing my grip to grasp the barbell.

Attempted to grab other type of grips @ gym and it would twinge at close to maximum. Pressure to the tip of the finger while typing and also when directly pressing the spot on the finger creates sharp pin pricks.

Never happened before tho have felt a slight twinge from time to time when doing regular deadlifts. Also if anyone has had this before how soon does this heal?