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Finger Injury from Rafter Pull-ups

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a lurker around here for a while but this is my first post.

I’ve been training push, pull, legs at the gym for a few years with separate days focusing on my grip (closing my captain of crush #2 and hand bands).

Obviously due to the Coronavirus my gym had been closed for six weeks and outdoor gyms and playgrounds are banned here in UK.

I’ve been working out at home but only pull up bar I had available was a thick rafter.

Last week I had Quite severe pain in my middle finger so took a few days off grip work and lifting. It felt better today so I thought time to get swole!

Tried to do a chin-up, heard a loud crack and had severe pain in my middle finger (joint that bends in the middle). Can not lift my body weight now due to severe pain.

Anyone have any ideas what I’ve done to myself? Or how to get lifting again?? I can’t go to my chiropractor due to lockdown :frowning:

Is it painful when you touch it, painful when you move it, or both, or neither?

Both, i can move it but it’s very stiff and swollen

It may be dislocated, subluxed or possibly fractured. If not, you may have done something weird with the tendons in the fingers. I strongly reccommend you see your GP, who can evaluate whether or not this is something that will require imaging.

Ok thanks, I was worried it would be something like that. I will have to see if there are any minor injury places still open.

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As a climber I’ve heard finger pulleys snap. It can be surprisingly loud. If you are not used to these type of injuries I would go get it checked out. Climbers get injuries like this all the time and can normally tell whether it’s a pulley or not, but even then they misdiagnose regularly. I have.

Glad you confirmed that this is an injury that does occur (I wasn’t sure myself). If so, this is almost definitely what’s happened

It occurs a lot with climbers. Also, a rafter pull up probably means that the edge of the rafter is against your A3 pulley. When that happens, all the pressure in one place can cause an injury as, I think, the ligaments and tendons can’t move properly. This is all bro climber science not medical advice. I just know that sharp holds are bad, most climbing hold manufacturers avoid making them now.

I’ve heard pulleys snap so loudly it’s made others feel sick. Climbing inside one day, a guy ripped something in his shoulder, everyone was looking at the wooden climbing wall as they thought the 5 ply had torn! The sound was that bad.

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Anatomically, that makes perfect sense, so not bro-sciency at all. Thank you for illuminating this to me

Thanks for the advice; I haven’t trained for two weeks and been taping the affected finger. Pain has been quite bad, swelling went down after 10 days then came back today. It’s a real nuisance if I’m honest as hard to grip anything.

It’s safe to say I will not be a captain of crush anytime soon :worried:

No doctor or physiotherapist yet? I’m not sure if taping is the best course of action here, other than for controlling swelling.

I’m already on the books for physio due to bursitis of the knee. They keep cancelling my appointments due to the virus which is pissing me off if I’m honest, GP said go to hospital.

My woman is pregnant and I got kids I can’t risk going to A&E, I’m not scared for myself it’s my misses I don’t want to pass it on to as she would be high risk

Physio doesn’t offer telehealth? That’s become quite standard given the current conditions

Afraid not, just called me last minute said we will re book in mid June. Waited 6 months for that referral then after one session COVID-19 came along :joy:

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Man that’s a pain in the ass. All the best with that mate