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Finger Extensions

I’ve recently begun doing finger extensions with rubber bands while sitting at my desk at work. I recall reading that this should be done for muscle balance concerns. That is, as lifters we spend a great amount of time flexing the fingers to hold onto bars, etc, but spend little if any extending the fingers against resistance. One of the upsides is supposed to be increased grip strength since the imbalance in strength becomes a limiting factor. I haven’t been doing it long enough to notice anything yet. Anyone have input/experience?

When do you need to extend the fingers? The only reason we extend the fingers is to flex them again. The extensors really aren’t as important as the flexors.

Working the extensors is important to overall hand health. While you dont really use an “opening the hand” movement very often, extensor work reduces the possibility of an injury due to muscle imbalances. Increases circulation in the hands as well. All good things to keep your hands injury free.

Yeah, i do the rubber band thing with my finger extensors. I would say to use some really thick rubber bands to get lots of resistance. I think iron mind sell some gear for working the extensors aswell. If i remember correctly they are called outer limits loops or something like that. I think working the extensors to bring some balance to your hand strength is a damn good idea.

Who needs rubber bands… just flip people off a bit more… :wink: