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F'ing Teenagers - Help!


Ok, so I'm 15 years old and a sophmore in high school. Kid's my age are so f*cking dumb. They are willing to fight you for looking at them wrong. They don't give a shit about anyon or anything. They fail in every class. And don't care enough even about themselves to do anything active or healthy, they just smoke fucking joints all day.

So to my story. This kid my age who is like 5'4" and like 110 pounds at most, thinks he can fucking kick my ass. I'm 5'10" and 150 Pounds. I am way more built then him and way stronger. The problem here is that my dad found out he wants to fight me and said if I come home with even a little bruise that shouldn't be there, he'll ground me for 6 months and personally beat my ass. Now, I can't just say that to his face because everyone would laugh there asses off at me and I would be the biggest pussy ever to them. I don't really care what people think, but kids at my school will seriously not talk to me and my friends will follow them. I'm not scared of him at all because I know he has no chance, but I can't because my dad.

So what should I do? Please help.


Beat him on the weekend. That way you didn't come home from school with....

Or don't get any bruises.


You should listen to your dad.

Its bullshit if you think your friends arent going to talk to you again if you dont fight this kid. If you know you can beat him up, be satisfied with that.

You shouldnt need to prove yourself, unfortunately, high school is a place in which that statement isnt applicaple.

Dont fight the kid, there are alot more ramifications than a black eye if you fight him.

Why dont you do something constructive, like bulk your ass up 25 lbs so a year from now that 5'4 punk (which leads me to beleive its nate dogg, with his napolean complex) says "Well, now im sure as hell not gonna fuck with him."


I remember those days of high school and don't miss them as all. The only thing I really have to tell you is to stay away from them and all their bs and continue to improve yourself. After high school I cut off almost everyone I knew who was toxic.

As far as the fight, simply refuse. If he hits first and you drop him oh well. Make sure others see him hit first, and your father can't be angry at you for defending yourself. If you were to start the fight, you would be as bad as those you don't wanna be.


I would have to agree with TrainerinDC. I lived by that rule don't be the one to start it and don't mouth off. But if someone hits you, you've gotta do what you gotta do.

I also had a problem in high school similar to this. Even though I am a girl. It does happen to girls too. I lived in a rough neighborhood. God I am glad I never have to be a teenager and I never have to be in high school again. It's funny because I have seen a lot of people from my high school days and they are now losers. Heheheheeee.... trust me once you hit college thats where you will make most of your real friends.


Walk away man. BUT, if he attacks you, I say beat the fucking shit out of that little bitch. I can't stand people that try to size themselves up by picking on kids that are obviously larger than they are. Keep to yourself, ignore him at all costs. But if he attacks you, i say its all self defense, even if you put him in the hospital...LOL


Some words of wisdom passed on from a mentor of mine:

"If you start a fight I'll kick your ass. But if someone else starts it by god you better finish it".

That was the advice she gave all her children, one of whom is one of my closest friends. We've tried to abide by that law for the last 15 years and its always served me well.



Blah Blah Blah.

Firstly, this is not your dad's problem. It's yours. Your dad must be a pussy if he wants to stop you from fighting. I'm not saying he should be encouraging, merely that he should stay out of it.

You want to fight him? Go ahead. But make sure that you cover your ass for all sorts of legal complications. (see self-defence laws).

One more thing: If do happen to find yourself in the fight, BEAT HIS ASS GOOD. It doesn't matter how weak and pathetic he is. Crush him. Do not give him a chance, hit him until he is down or gives up and runs away.

He would do the same to you if he had the chance. Someone has to lose and someone has to win. Who do YOU want it to be?

I hope you remember the above. It's crucial. Oh well, if you don't at least I tried to help.


You know its funny how everyone thinks that the people they went to high school with are losers (myself included)... but answer me this: where do the other people in college who AREN'T losers come from?


Maybe you might happen to see him elsewhere, like Wal-Mart or something. Sometimes you encounter people with less than honorable intentions and have to do your thing.


Fuck that, just start shit with him.

If you are really that much bigger and badder than him he'll back down the instant you start something.


Thanks guys for your imput. The beating his ass on the weekend isn't a possibility as my dad will make me come home if I am gone for more than like 24 hours.

I definantly agree though that I should just let it ride out. If he swings, he's gonna be on the fucking ground.

The other problem here is that if I do fuck him up, he's the kind of kid that will gather his "posse" (aka bitch as emo kids that wear tight pants and say theyre hardcore muthafuckas) and jump me right after. None of my friends would get involved as they are all friends with him (he, the kid that wants to fight me, was a good friend). And these kids are pretty fucked up too. I know that 3 of them pack switches, though I'm sure they're not going to stab me, and 2 pack nucks. So at the very least, after he's on the ground, I'm going to get jumped by about 10 fists that may have 2 brass knuckles on them.


Don't worry about your friends; they aren't friends if they won't stand by you.

However, if this guy challenges you, you have an obligation to beat the piss out of him, regardless of his size.

Your old man will get over it, the kids in school will never forget.

I'm just saying this because one fight I had kept everyone off my back for years when I was in HS. Prove that they can't fuck with you, then worry about your father. I mean, he'll always be able to beat your ass anyway.


But I agree, our generation (I'm 18) sucks ass.

If I see another hair-gelled guido, wannabe thug or just flat-out moron I think I might shoot myself.

It's actually even worse at college. All everybody does is talk about how much they drink (because they are clearly the first people to ever get wasted) and complain about the professors. I just want to grab people and say, "Maybe the reason you failed the test is because you're a fucking moron, not because the professor is doing something wrong."


Ahhhh, the voice of reason.

Yet another reason not to fight him.

If you were to end up fighting him though, let the power of the phoenix be with you.


You're in a shit situation, kid. No two ways about it. Only thing to do is to stand tall. Don't start shit, but don't let yourself be turned into a doormat. If your so-called friends either don't back you or (worse) pile on -- they're no friends. Cut them off.

Focus on training, well-being, and developing who you are into a strong, capable person.


The only problem I have with fighting him is the possibility of getting jumped. If there was no chance, or if he would start shit with me when he DIDN'T have them at his side, I would've already fucked him up. He keeps calling me a pussy but he won't say anything to my face and he won't even look at me unless he's surrounded by 20 people.

WOW our genereation seriously consists of a bunch of retarded, gay, uninteligent, lazy, pothead, bitches.


Just act like you got this twitch... like the army did some experiment on you that just went terribly wrong...

"Just back up! Back up! Mind ya business that's all, just mind ya business."

(5 points for the reference...)


Yea why don't we ask the master THE ** PHOENIX** what he would do?


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