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Finestride/Proscar Question

Hey all,

I just wanted to get an honest opinion from some knowledgeable folks on here. I have been using Propecia for a few years now, since I started shedding and it has helped me tremendously as 5 years have gone by and I havent lost anymore hair and pretty much have a full head of hair.

I recently came across a valid source for some generic finestride which costs a fraction of the price that i pay in US pharmacies with a prescription. Has anyone used generic brand proscar and do you feel it would be the same? the cost savings for me would be awesome!!

thank you all!!

Yes, both the generic and brand name version of finasteride are the same chemical. An even better way to go about it would be to get the generic version of proscar, which is the same drug dosed at 5mg, and then cut it into 1/4. Much, much cheaper this way.

You can order it pretty cheap from Canadian pharmacies and the like, provided you have a prescription.