Fined for Noisy Workout

Now I’ve seen it all.

[for American readers, “flat” = “apartment”, I guess]

What’s wrong with that? The guy was exercising in his apartment above neighbors who were trying to be sleep. Wrong place and wrong time. If he wants to be loud, he can lift at a gym not named Planet Fitness.

It sounds like they fitted the apar-- I mean, flats – with noise recorders just to keep tabs on this guy, and he is fined $138.79?
How much did it cost to install those devices?

100 Decibels huh? What was he doing - throwing the weights at the walls or something?

Does he live in the upstairs apartment? Have you ever lived underneath someone? I used to have some heavyset girls living in the apartment above me and I could hear them trampsing around all the time. And that is just walking normally. I can only imagine what a weight workout would sound like.

I wonder what time of night this guy was working out? What kind of asshole works out in an upstairs apartment at night time?

What an ass. No consideration for his neighbors. I lived in apartments for quite a few years and even footsteps overhead in the night can be disruptive to sleep.

I just realized I basically ditto’d what Chickenmcnug ^^ just said.

He’d been smokin crack and readin animal pak.

I lived below a woman in a wood frame townhouse who used to run on her treadmill everyday at about 5:30 a.m. I moved.