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Fine-Tuning the Machine & Tacking on the Vanity Plates


I'm 31 years old, have been training for several years, and a vegetarian for nearly 20 years. I have been involved in athletics since I was less than 3 years old. Gymnastics, track & field, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, and lastly, raving (I like to think of it as sort of an endurance sport!) before I was 18. After high school I started running, mostly on trails. Also body weight exercises, some dumbbell upper body work, and dance classes. Did some 5Ks and eventually ran myself into injury. Enter weight training. I fell in love with it immediately. Over the years I have trained with partners and solo. Currently solo except on the rare occasion that my man and I lift together.

Today's training, chest/shoulders
Bradford Press
3 x 6 x bar I do these to warm up before benching
1 x 5 x 75 lbs.
2 x 5 x 95 lbs.
2 x 3 x 105 lbs.
DB Incline Press
3 x 8 x 35's
Medicine Ball Pushups (I roll the ball from one hand to the other between reps)
5 x 10
Upright Rows
2 x 8 x 65 lbs.
1 x 8 x 75 lbs.
Standing One-arm MP
1 x 7 x 30 lbs.
1 x 6 x 30 lbs.
1 x 5 x 30 lbs.
Then for conditioning I did a series of overhead DB carries. I use the (usually) empty group fitness room and walk from one end to the other and back. Tonight some guy came in and sat down to read a book while I was in there. He was still there when I finished. Strange? Anyhow.
1 x 20 lbs. each side
1 x 30 lbs. each side
1 x 20 lbs. each side
1 x 30 lbs each side
2 x 25 lbs.
2 x 30 lbs.
Delt work last: Lat raises 3 x 8 x 15's, Seated rear delt raises 3 x 8 x10's


Welcome and I look forward to following along!


Thanks Alisa. Your vixen pix are hot!


welcome veggie! training looks good! I'll be following along.

Any training goals?


LOL at the guy reading in the fitness room.

Welcome to PW Gawgeous!


Going by your avatar (which is smokin', btw), your diet doesn't seem to hold you back. What are you eating on a day to day basis?


welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks ladies! I decided to start this log after reading all of yours. You all are so supportive of each other. I really don't have any female lifting friends, so this is awesome.

Masch: I would really would like to be able to do a bw bench. Forgot to list stats 5'2" 132ish lbs.

Cal: My diet varies a little depending on how I'm feeling. I don't like to eat if I'm not hungry. From reading around this site, I guess I sort of do intermittent fasting. But I do it on an intuitive basis. That's how I've always eaten. Anyway, here is what I ate yesterday - lazy Sunday w/evening training session. Morning: Before I consume anything I drink a concoction of 2 scoops of milled flax mixed w/cranberry concentrate and water. Drank 2 cups of green tea and a bunch of water while napping, watching tv, etc. Felt hungry around 11ish, so I had a couple handfuls of walnuts. Afternoon: Another cup of green tea, ran to grocery, got home and ate a big bowl of homemade veggie soup and some more nuts while I was putting them in the kitchen canisters. Evening: Drank my pre-training stuff and went to gym. Immediately after I got home I made a shake w/ a cup of organic skim milk, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder (about 46 g blended proteins) and 1 big spoonful of peanut butter. Yesterday was a really light eating day for me, but I wasn't hungry. I only drink water, green tea, and on occasion black coffee and single-malt scotch. I also take vitamins, supplements, etc.


I think you'll make a fine addition to our little family here :slightly_smiling:


Welcome. I saw your smokin' pix and I'm happy you decided to start a log and share your training.


Cool deal, nice to have ya hear. Very interested to follow your training and see what you are doing.


Welcome! I'm looking forward to following along too.
I don't have any female lifting friends either and I think PW fills that gap a bit. Support and inspiration!


Sweet! we're practically the same size - 5'2(ish) and 133 for me. Another shorty in the mix is good around these parts.

2x3x105 is great! You'll hit BW in no time.


I sort of IF too but not in any regimented way - in my current job (which is only three days a week) I'm too busy to eat, and on the other days I never eat before training so the earliest I'll eat is lunchtime. I'm not veggie, mind you, though I was for five years back when I was a student.

I actually stopped not long after I started lifting weights seriously, began craving meat and then realised I didn't really care about eating animals any more. Each to their own, though - being veggie obviously works for you.


Yes, everyone has to eat in a way that works for them. For the record, I stopped eating meat not long after I started menstruating. I never was a "meat lover", but it totally stopped appealing to me for some reason. My folks thought that it was a "phase". Here I am all of these years later.

I just want to put it out there that, although I respect those who do, I have no moral or "health" reasons for not eating flesh. I just don't feel compelled to eat it. If I ever have the urge I will. I trust my body to tell me what it needs. I know a strong, athletic woman who was a veg for over 20 yrs and started eating meat again when she hit peri-menopause. She said that it "just felt right."


I'm a casual IF'er as well..only I was doin it before it even had a name.

I was always a chronic breakfast skipper and a morning coffee drinker instead. Nowadays I eat something smallish(cottage cheese) before training, and lunch is my biggest yummiest meal!

I also believe in the 'eat when your hungry, stop when your kinda full' mantra. I never liked eating by the clock, yanno?


can you do handstand pushups?


Yea I actually pulse feast, take a dose of MAG-10 in the a.m and one in the afternoon and dont eat til dinner time usually from 5:30 to 7:30- other than my workout nutrition. I usually eat for about 2 hours til I am good and full and that is all for the day. I have never functioned better or felt better - really enjoying it!!! Also I am able to keep up with my work schedule which can be pretty insane at times, plenty of get up and go for me.
Good stuff in here & I am a short gal too - 5'3" about 135-138lbs. Yea for short gals!!


I've never tried them. Sounds fun, I will generally try anything at least once. What the hell. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of my attempt.

Here is a back pic, realized I hadn't put any pix up on the log yet.


OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.. That's Canadian for "welcome".

Impressive stats you have there. All the best with your training.