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Fine Tuning My Workout

Hey guys,

I’ve covered the basics (I think), but I need help with fine-tuning my workout program. There are two variations of the workout I’m planning to be doing for the next couple (or year, whatever) of months. Before that, my goals - strength and some muscle gain in the upper body. Also, that’s important, I don’t want to spend more than an hour in the gym (not so much “want”, but “don’t have the time to”, as silly as it may sound).

So, variation one:

Day one:
Bench press - (warm up/acclimation goes the following - 1x5 barbell, 1x5 at 50% of 5RM, 1x5 at 75%), 3x5 or possibly a bit more reps with lower weight to target hypertrophy in the chest, but it could be unnecessary
Military press - (1x5 at 60-70%), 3x5
Weighted dips - 3x5-10, if I can do more than 10 I increase weight

Day two:
Deadlift - (2x5 at 50%, 1x5 at 66%, 1x5 at 80%), 1x5 or 2x5
Weighted pull-ups (with different grip) - 3x5-10, the same rule as with dips applies (or maybe 6x?)
Barbell row - 3x5

Day three:
Squat - (1x5 with barbell, 1x5 at 50%, 1x5 at 75%), 3x5
Leg curls or front squat or barbell - 3x5
Calf raises (machine or barbell) - (1x5 at 60-70%), 3x5

A couple of minutes of rest between series.

Ok, variation two is the same basic compound movements, just one difference. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to mix up the assistance exercises. My idea is to do exercises that don’t target the muscles of the compound movements, but do them in between those, for example - squat, then do pullups while resting from squats and so on. That would allow for more work, more sets for the assistance exercises or just another one of those (a curl or something, w/e). The obvious problem is that training for strenght is hard on the CNS and I don’t know if I’ll be getting sufficient rest if I do this.

In both cases I’m thinking about doing one hypertrophy workout every month (roughly 3:1) and a full week of rest every 2 months (so it’s 3-1-3-1-1, id est s-h-s-h-r). So, the advice I need is about fine-tuning the workout. The choice between variations, the choice between exercises (for example lunges vs front squat vs curls), or simply changing some of the numbers. I’d appreciate any meaningful insight, so go ahead. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

You’re way overcomplicating things and overlooking basic principles.

Honestly, you really need to choose a program from the Archives and stick to it. This thing you’ve tried to create is all fouled up. The volume is low enough that you’ll get minimal size stimulus, combine that with the low frequency (hitting an exercise/bodypart once a week for just a few sets), and it’s just not going to be enough to see major results. You sure do like training abs though, huh. That’s… interesting.

Overstressing your CNS is not something you need to be concerned with at your current stage of development. Do you still weigh 140-something?

[quote]viksenpai wrote:
In both cases I’m thinking about doing one hypertrophy workout every month (roughly 3:1) and a full week of rest every 2 months (so it’s 3-1-3-1-1, id est s-h-s-h-r).[/quote]
I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

Is the “one hypertrophy workout every month” a typo? One workout of whatever kind will have dick-all effect. There’s no point. And while deloads are kind of up to the individual, I seriously doubt you need one full week of rest every 2 months. Building nonstop consistency will almost-definitely benefit you more.