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Fine Tuning Help?


yeah i was just after some opinons and feedback on my training program that i have made and do

i do reps of max weight to fail, 6 reps all exercises,10 reps all exercises,16 reps all exercises like over 3 weeks than repeat 6,10,16,6,10,16 etc

3 sets dbell bench
3 sets dbell incline
3 sets dbell decline
3 sets flys
3 sets close grip
3 sets over head barbell tricep curl
3 sets dips weighted
3 sets one arm dbell bicep curl
3 sets barbell bicep curl
3 sets wrist dbell curls

3 sets leg ups
3 sets weighted situps
3 sets squats
3 sets onelegged dbell squats
6 sets dbell calf rasies

3 sets barbell upright row
3 dbell upright row
3 sets horizontal rows
3 sets good mornings
3 sets hyperextensions
3 sets dbell millitry presses
3 sets dbell side delt raises
3 sets front delt raises
1 set vertical against wall pushups

any feedback on any matter would be great
thanks heaps



WAY TOO MUCH VOLUME, whatever your goals are. You need to more carefully select exercises to meet your needs vs. doing absolutely everything and overtraining. Look around this site.


thanks for the reply that doesnt produce any overtraining symptoms for me at all i could do more really


Apart from having too many exercises per muscle group in one day you also can't expect to recover properly and work out 3x /week to failure with so many sets. Even if you rearange your program so that you train all major groups every workout without going to failure that would still be too much for certain muscle groups.

Do a search for Total Body Training and Rest-Pause Training, for starters.

There's enough material here on T-Nation to see how successful programs are designed.


thank you
my chest and arms are sore from tuesday to thursday by friday when i need them again they are good i heal very quick, can overtraining a muscle make them grow slower ? my body is pretty much used to this program i have done it for 12 weeks and put of about 6 kilos of good solid muslce but if you think its bad ill look into it
thanks again


Man, i'm sorry but I can't stop laughing.

I counted 30 sets on your 1st day alone!

That's ridiculous unless you're on AAS. And even then it's questionable.

If you can do that many sets then you're not working hard enough. Try writing a new program where you do between 8-14 sets per workout.


I'm sorry, you've put on 1/2kg of muscle a week???

I take it all back, keep it up, don't change a thing!


i dont really undestand whats funny i love going hard i go nuts when i work out think about all the bad stuff and get angry and pumped up, i do it all and yes i do it all to fail i didnt think it was alot hey serouisly, i dont like to mess around when i train like i train alone at home
i dont wanna waste my time so i just attack the muscle as much as possible

yeah i was 70 kgs and 9% body fat im 77 and 10% body fat now
i mainly just wanted to know if the exercises where on the right order and stuff like that any thing help full thanks other wise keep it to your self

whats AAS ???


If you're growing over a pound a week, why the hell are you asking for advice? Wait until the gains stop, then maybe you could use some assistance. Until then, "Party on!"


sorry i train alone at home i dont know that is good thanks that makes me feel good, have no idea hey i just think about totally destorying my muscles each week cos i only work them once a week.

thanks man :slight_smile: