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Finding Work in Tampa, FL

I just came back from a weekend in Tampa visiting my friend from high school and college. I loved it! Coming from NYC’s below freezing weather in March and going to ~65-75?F weather was insane. Coming home was depressing.

Besides the nice weather, I am seriously considering Tampa (or anywhere in Florida) as a place to inhabit.

My problem is this. I am a chemical engineer working for a large pharmaceutical company in a chemical facility. What kind of oportunities would be available to me?

I know that Monster is a good resourse for this but I am currently at work and can not look and I value a T-Nation response.


Machine514, I can definitely back you up on the weather. I rarely wear a coat. This past Christmas I was running around in shorts, sleeveless T-shirt and flip-flops. (grin)

I don’t have any leads on a job. I just wanted to say that you’d enjoy living in a number of different cities or areas in the state. There’s a lot going on in the South Florida area. It’s huge. Quite metropolitan – international, even – and just a stone’s throw from Key West. The Orlando is also a great area to live.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best o’ luck in your job hunt!

Hey Machine,
I’m living in St.Pete, just across the bay from Tampa. I moved down here from Ohio and even though the weather is amazing in the winter, you better visit in July when the humidity is stifling and night time lows rarely drop below 80! This is the time of year that really seperates the Floridians from the tourist. Walking from your car into a building with a suit and tie on is a decision of whether to walk fast to avoid huge pit stains on your business shirt or to walk slowly and develop an all over sweat stain!

Seriously though it is a great place to live with excellent quality of life, a lot of characters from all over the country gravitate here, and a lot of beautiful weather.

Although I don’t have any job leads for you, I can tell you that starting wages are on average about 30% lower than in the midwest. you take part of your pay in sunshine, as the saying goes.

I just moved away from Vero Bch. But knew a guy like you that worked at a chem plant in Ft. Pierce which is just south of Vero. I now live in Naples which is alot better than Vero. So u might want to look that up for some info.