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Finding Unripped Jeans


Can someone help me find some baggy jeans that aren't full of rips? I know this is fashionable now but I'm not eighteen anymore and this looks like shit. I usually go to Old Navy because their clothes are inexpensive but now even they are putting rips in the jeans. God I wish this trend would end.


I saw some ripped jeans at Abercrombie (please don't kill me! I was w/ a friend!) and they were 60 freaking bucks!!!!

That ridiculous fad was in when I was 12 - why is it back now, when I'm 28?!

Wish I could help. Ebay?


I don't know where all you're shopping but that's hardly the trend now. That was like a couple years back but not at all anymore really.

Myself I like Lucky jeans.. they can be a bit expensive but they're super comfortable. Just try shopping around more, I'm surprised you are still finding so many ripped up jeans.


Try your local Walmart? Or Target?


I hear ya. I'm 26 and thought that trend was "out" now. I can't believe I feel old now.

The last time I went to Old Navy the majority (all that I saw) of the jeans were not ripped. That was probably close to a year ago though.

Have you tried other stores like JC Penney, or the like?

I couldn't see spending any more than $30 for a pair of jeans. I think the last 2 pair I bought were buy 1 get 1 50% off.


A bit? The cheapest one they had on their site was $88. Most were well over $100.

Try www.kohls.com

Levis are usually around $30, but on sale right now.


hell go to Sears or JCPenny,Target does have good jeans


Honey, Texs is about 2-3 years BEHIND the current trends on both coasts. Trust me. Having an aunt in the industry REALLY gives me a good look at how behind the middle and south of the country is on fashion.


The Gap. Baggy jeans, light fade - 34.99.


Chek out Levei's Silvertabs. Very comfortable.


Fade blows too. A month ago I set out to get some jeans and was horrified to find that all jeans are faded. Fuck. Not everyone who wares jeans is a teenager. If I want to wear old tarnished jeans I'll wear new ones until they actually aquire that look. Hell, I'll go to a thrift store and get some old jeans. I mean there were litteraly about 15 brands displaying their jeans collections and ALL were faded!! I asked a sales clerk there if they have something non-faded and all he could find were a pair of black jeans. Fucking great.

They were deafened by another radio pop song playing on the store speakers while I 'accidently' overturned a gasoline canister in the Calvin Klein section. Just managed to breeze through the escalator before the flames cut me off. Maybe now burnt jeans will be in vogue.


Well Thrasher, from one skate bro to another go to CCS.com. They are a skate mail order company but they make their own jeans too. They have like 5-6 different styles and what not that you can choose from. Their own jeans are like 20-30 bucks cheaper than the regular brands plus you'll still be supporting a skate-oriented brand.


I hate the cost of jeans. And most clothes, for that matter. If there's a sale, I'm on it!

Penney's and Sears have always seemed to have classic styles.


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anchor blue sells nice jeans. They come in different sizes from loose fit to really baggy. They also have many different jean colors from light blue, dark blue, black, grey, white, faded etc. check it out.


oh yea, anchor blue jeans are usually around 30 bucks and they have buy one get one half off farely often


real men shop at the JcPenny OUTLET.

Same shit...last season... like 8 bucks.