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Finding TRT Doc by Calling Compounding Pharmacy?


So I took the advice on the sticky here of locating a trt doc via a compounding pharmacy. Well guess what? They referred me to a doc who prescribes compounded cream. Wth is with that advice? Topicals are denounced on this board and for good reason. That trt doc couldn't get my free t into the normal range even with his max allowable concoction of 10mg T.

Now I find myself on the market for a new doc so I can go back on injections. I've never heard of compounded injectable t so why advise guys to refer to compounding pharmacies for a good doc?


Your compounding pharmacy may not know good docs. Try another pharmacy. The advice is free, and not a guarantee that you'll get your way the first time.


Compounded injectables are definitely available. My testosterone cypionate comes from a compounding pharmacy.


Tell CF that you need a doc that prescribes T cyp [and hCG and anastrozole] as you do not absorb creams.

Did the script not get filled correctly?

10mg [per ml?] is a homeopathetic dose.

10% T w/v would make sense.

Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of hypothyroidism.


My bad you are right. It's 10% T 10mg progesterone; and yes this doc put me on some compounded T3/T4 for hypothyroidism. It's been a year and I was actually doing pretty good till about a month ago. My TT was still low range and free T never has entered range even when I was on t cyp for two years and my highest ever estradiol was 17 on a range of like 4-70. For some weird reason about a month ago I started to crash and I noticed my back acne became non existent. I did accidentaly forget my cream uncovered one day but the crash had already commenced.


So your thyroid labs and body temperatures are perfect?
"Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of hypothyroidism. "


TSH 3.2 range 0.358-3.740
Ft4 1.1 0.7-1.6
Free T3 4.1 1.7-5.2
TT 3.0 2.5-11.
FT 5.34 9.00-47.00

This was in Sept when I actually felt better.


Your fT3 is high relative to midrange point. One could then expect to see elevated body temperatures. If temperatures are low, then rT3 is a probable cause and that points to adrenal fatigue and acute or chronic stress issues.

TSH is elevated. That can be from iodine deficiency or other causes. fT4 is below midrange.

Have you been using iodized salt continuously? If not ...
Or been taking vitamins that list iodine?

Body temperatures are the bottom line for thyroid function, please see the thyroid basics sticky.

We often see hypothyroidism and hypogonadism linked.


Thanks! I will look into my wake up temps. I'm going to do labs again likely tomorrow.