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Finding Trousers


I am not massive but my legs are quite large for my waist. I am having more and more trouble finding trousers that my upper legs fit into comfortably, and aren't so tight that its a battle to pull my wallet/phone out.

I'm sure plenty of people on T-Nation have similar gripes. What do you do?



How many of these trouser threads do we need to have. Bloody 09ers.



This again?


levis 569


'Loose fit' trousers + wear a belt.

Pockets are probably always going to be a bit tight if your legs are quite large in relation to your waist.


At least this thread isn't about how all the clothes rip...that's what usually happens in these "My clothes don't fit!" threads.

I think this one may have been bred from the recent Planet Fitness threads. If we have another ShakeWeight one some may call it the end of days...but it's cyclical. These threads came before and they will come again.




WHERE HULK CAN SHOP FOR PANTS THAT FIT HULK... but don't ride up Hulk's crotch??!?!!?!?!



Fuck trousers.


Jesus Fucking H Christ

This fucking thread again.

And sorry ID (lol,) but there will inevitably be 10 jackasses who talk about wearing kilts too, even though they don't EVER.

Fuck this thread.


I didn't realize 6 weeks was already up. I swear these threads are getting more frequent. . .


Look under the bed, sometimes they can get shuffled around in the heat of the moment.

If you started making out in the living room or something check there too.

Oh wait.... pants that fit... buy a big pair and go to the tailor.


Slacks are the worst, as the material isn't as tough and instead of just over hugging your nads, there's a good chance your ass will be hanging out by the end of the day.

A good rule of thumb is if it says modern or classical fit, stay away from it.

Levi's are great, and I'll second the 569s.

I also have a pair of shrink to fit 501s that fit great, but they are a bit tighter, but don't overtly hug my nads and the girls seem to like them better. I can't carry a bunch of crap in my pockets though.


I really like how this one is "finding trousers"

And not "finding jeans"

Its neat because Trousers starts with a T just like Tailor... and that is the answer to the riddle!

No be find TROUSERS be find TAILOR!



Oh, dear! I've got the wrong trousers!




Hi guys...my legs won't fit in the bath tub. Do I use the water sprinkler outside and risk getting carted away for indecent exposure or just avoid bathing from here on out? Please help soon.

Oh, and my bro says he has biceps so big that no shirts can fit....like at least 15" around. this is seriuz because our girls think we stink.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!! My favorite T-Nation thread is back!


Picture of Hulk quads?

I never get to see what it takes to not find pants.


I do not have this problem as my legs are so ridiculously small I can fit into my daughter's jeans (shes 8 BTW) :frowning:


Iron Dwarf has tons of shit. I would ask him before fitting into Applebottoms.

That is, unless you look really really hot in Applebottoms.