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Finding Trendy Clothes That Fit



After several attempts to find some nice shirts, T-shirts of polo's I reached a point of dispair. Nothing fits????

I'm not even that big, about 1m83 (about 6foot) and 105kg (232pounds). What are those designers thinking? I've tried a XXL Armani t-shirt and I didn't even try to get in that...

Sure the American sizes are better, but the sizes I fit in are for larger (fat) people, so it's not that charming at other spots on my body.

Hilfiger and Ralph L. have those nice larger sizes with custom fits that seem to be made for the sporty muscular types, but that's all i've found.

Are you also sick and tired of those design clothing made for skinny people??


Yes... and tall people.
Where's the love for 5 foot people?


you should learn to tailor your own clothes.


183cm and 105kg is pretty big I think. Maybe you're from Scandinavia.

I'm 183cm too, 110kg and even tough I've got a gut to work off I can barely get XL stuff over my shoulders let alone worry about it being tight on the lower torso.


There is love for 5 ft tall people.

It's called the kids section.

You can't tell me you don't love being able to wear boy's shoes and save tons of cash in the process.


I don't want to hear it until you're 5'7 and 180.

Apparently everyone who's 5'7 is supposed to have a 30" chest, and a neck under 17 1/2.


Suits, shirts, just have them made. I am a 50 jacket and a 33 waist. Ain't gonna happen off the rack.

Nat Nast Shirts are great

The "pyscho bunny" line of polo shirts can fit if you chose well, they come in staggered sizes and are not so damn long or fat at the belly

some Napoli or cannili shirts will work if you have them tailored at the waist.

Nordstroms has reasonable options.

I can't get my arms in Burbury or anything English.


Wheres celtics when you need him?!


You can't be serious. I've been 300+ pounds and never found it hard to find fashion...if you have trouble with style, its on you, not the trend.


^^I was thinking the exact same thing.

But to answer your question OP... Yes. Yes I am sick of it. I've often thought of starting a clothing company for guys who lift except for two very big problems:

  1. I have absolutely no clothing designing galley whatsoever
  2. It just sounds kinda ghey

It would be awesome if a company came out with clothes that weren't all "skinny/slim fit" everything but you just have to find what fits and go with it. I wear XL shirts almost everywhere (sometimes XXl if it's a weird company or something) Pants/shorts are harder to find cause I have classic "squatters booty" so what fits on my waist doesn't fit my ass/thighs. That's just how it works man. You're not gonna be fitting into those diesel slim fit jeans lol. Buy relaxed fit and learn to wear a belt


I don't need trendy clothes I just need a pair of jeans that fit. How the heck can I find a pair I can fit my massive legs in that don't fit around the waist like I'm a 10 month pregnant woman?


If you could pull it off and get pro athletes to wear it, it might gain a following for you to make some good money lol.

One thing I hate is out-growing shirts.. I hate shopping.


Im 5 7 185 with a 12" difference in chest/waist. Buying suits is difficult but buying regular clothes is fine. Stop shopping at gay places.

Marc Ecko Cut and Sew is youre new friend. Levi's slim cut jeans too. 514's with no spandex 1-2 sizes too big in the waist. Youre welcome.


^^ I know. I was thinking that. I got a buddy who plays in the NFL and thought he could pimp it to some guys on his team... But I kinda gave up on that. The closest relative thing I could think of was the "Affliction" style shorts. Designed for fighters so the guys have muscle but most are just super ripped up and not that big so it doesn't totally translate ya know?

Would be sweet though.


I've been wanting to get some classic looking Levis lately... These are the ones to get? The 514's?




Right here darling, right here. I like a woman who I can throw around the bedroom at will.


Agreed. I'm wearing a polo shirt that I bought at Target right now and if I can fit in a XXL at that store, where the hell is the OP shopping at?


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Here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/made_a_fitted_tee_do_i_look_like_a_douche_pics


Baby Gap