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Finding Time


Wow, never thought I would have to make this post. It seems recently that I've been having a hard time finding time to go to the gym. I have just started a new job that is 50 plus hours a week, on top of a side hobby of doing fix and flips. Let's not mention the girlfriend and trying to stay in touch with friends. I've been making it to the gym 2 a week lately, and it's a struggle due to the fact that I'm so tired. I don't even want to talk about how bad my eating habits have gotten. Sorry to waste space, but I just had to rant. I MUST figure out a way to stem the tide before it becomes overwhelming.


Break the cycle now!

The longer you wait to get back at it, the harder it will be. Give yourself a short-term goal that forces you to get back into things; once you achieve that goal, you'll remember why you started this in the first place!

Stay strong