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Finding the Right Program for Me


guys, i need a bit of help with finding a program right for me. i mean, sounds kinda stupid when im on a website with literally thousands of programs to choose from. but my thing is, where do my strength levels stand and what kind of program would i benifit most from? ive tried 6 weeks to superhero, was told i was to weak for that much fancy stuff and should stick with something basic.

so i do that, then end up losing strength in my main lifts cuz of going light on a program such as strong lifts 5x5. granted, i didnt finish either of those 2 programs out the whole way, but i guess my question is , what program should an 18 year old male, 160, do to gain muscle and strength? i dont think im crazy weak or nothing. hit a 225 squat and a 245 deadlift today. my pressing is shitty, but overall, im a relativley experienced lifter considering my age, stickler for form, and never doing stupid shit like squat rack curls. ive been doing my squats, drinking my milk, kinda doing my thing on my own but want to find a program that could take me to the next level i guess. thanks for reading that long ass post. any suggestions guys?



A program you will finish.

You are 18, cant commit to a structure, so you are not experienced.

Now, go back to 5x5, stick to it, and we will talk again next year.

Stop the ADD training.




i gotta agree here bro, stick with something tried and true. 5x5, 5/3/1, juggernaut method, whatever fits your GOALS!!! once you pick it, stick to it, work hard, and eat right. i love listening to what wendler has to say cause hes right, it doesnt have to be complicated.

having faith in what your doing goes a long way. when you know a program works, it eliminates having to worry if it will work for you or not, because you know that it will work if you put in whats necessary. best of luck bro


what jfg said. Stick to the 5x5 the way the program describes. I can't imagine anyone new not making gains on a program like that on a weekly basis at LEAST. That's all you need program wise. Besides that learn about nutrition and recovery and try to incorporate them into your daily life. By the time you incorporate them properly you should be done with 5x5


Same as above. With your experience i can honestly say you could be on a very basic/simple program and as long as you work your balls off and STICK to it, eat right and stay dedicated you'll see huge gains. Its as simple as that.


Man i appreciate the feed back guys. definetly been dicking round to long. i'll stick to one program and friken do it for once. thanks for the kick to the pants!


You're welcome