Finding the right foods for the T-Dawg Diet


My problem is that I wish to go on the T-Dawg diet.

I went shopping yesterday and was dismayed at the lack of nutritional info on the types of food we’re talking about with this diet - bacon, hamburger etc… can anyone suggest what foods or any guidelines I could follow in selecting this stuff?
Anyway… thanks for any suggestions.

The article lists a lot of foods and I thought it has a sample menu. Did you read the follow-up Q and A article about the diet that was posted a few weeks after the original article?

Rich, at one point in time, this site…
had a very thorough macro nutrient index of foods that included the protein content, however, upon recent review, the village idiots have removed the protein values!!! Because who needs those, right? WRONG. Fortunately I cut and pasted all of their info before it was taken away…ha ha! However, even though the site is filled with estrogen, it does have some value as you can still obtain low carb info…I would also recommend going and doing a search on food values. Hope this helps…also, use Shugart’s food log idea and maximize it…take a 3 ring binder, buy some page separators that you can label, as well as a 12 month tab index at an office supply store. In the back of the binder, have 2 sections, 1-food values for the macro nutrient value of respective foods and their servings…2-a meal section (divided into JB’s fat/protein - carb/protein meal combos)…much like he does in the article…where you have pre-fabbed meals with serving sizes and their values pre-calculated. All I’ve done is take his 2 legal pad system, tweaked it and put it into a binder. As a side note…the obvious reason for the 12 month tabs is to give you a place to keep your detailed food log. Go to your ‘outlook’ and print out a corresponding calendar for each month…you can also use this system for training logs as well. There you go bro, a complete system. If you want the food values, I’ll be more than happy to send them to you provided that it fits within the forum guidelines and allowances. Good luck!