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Finding The Joy of Lifting


I've been tinkering with my programing
a little the last couple of months.
Some of the changes have been mistakes.
but some have worked out pretty well. With the help of the coaches and members of T-Nation my knowledge base is always expanding and im finding this journey more and more enjoyable. anybody else have these feelings.


Actually, to me, lifting is one of the most uncomfortable activites one could ever engage in. I push myself to the limit each session and oftentimes overexert myself. Feeling beat up 3-4 days afterwards is no fun.

But while lifting for me is a chore, I love going to beat old records. The first time I deadlifted 405, I was ecstatic. The first time I dunked a basketball I had to go and do it ten more times.

So yes, I love the journey, but not the walking.


I love every second of it. I love every large meal and I love every second iron is in my hands.

It was a gradual process.

I started with only upper body and did it just to try to get chicks...yeah that worked.

Eventually I did lower body but hated it.

Now I love it all and do it for me.


Sometimes it seems like the iron game is the most fun thing I do daily. Regardless of hassles at work or responsibilities at home - Brother Iron and Sister Steel are waiting in the basement to play. I may suffer from allergies or fatigue, but the loud music produces audio adrenaline that overcomes my weaknesses. My body asks for mercy, but my will tells me to push on. Arnold, Draper, Larry Scott, and the boys rally enthusiastically in my head. And, what the coach says goes - no excuses. Each day is an adventure in self-discipline ... yes, I find joy in lifting.


I also like spending the extra time with my wife, and studying T-Nation to plan new workouts. I like the healthy, strong feeling it gives me too.