Finding the Joy Again

Never posted a training log before. Anyway, I’m returning to lifting after ~2 years of almost exclusively doing military-style PT, and I’m making a log (maybe to keep myself accountable). I’m back to total beginner levels of strength and size (except for having large - but weak - legs), but lifting is more fun than the endless running and swimming I was doing, so I’m okay grinding through it. First session will be late this evening (probably ~1-2AM EST), and I’ll update after. Follow along if you like. If not, no biggie.

Program running: Dan Trink’s 4 Weeks to Bigger Legs (Yeah, yeah I know. I just like lower body training, although I’m not a specimen in that regard.)
Stats: 6-0, 165 lbs., 12% BF (calipers)
Lifts: Trap Bar DL 300 (Just getting into conventional pulls)
BP 195 (Likely won’t be training this much, aggravates shoulders a lot)
BW Pullups: 20
Power Clean: 135 (haven’t hit this for ME really ever. My technique leaves something to be desired.)
Back Squat: Never maxed, trying to get better at before I try anything ME.
1-arm DB row: 100x8

Goals on this program: Get some kind of leg size and strength back, actually eat at a caloric surplus (I’m particularly bad at this), hopefully put a little size on a skin-and-bones chest. Enjoy working out again.

Tonight’s training (empty stomach, need to avoid this in the future):

A) BB Back Squat, 4x8-10
95x10, 100x10, 105x9, 110x8 - drop set 80x8
These felt decent. As weak as the numbers are, they’re actually up 10# from last week. Technical stuff: I drift in the hole, and my knees tend to cave. I also have a poor build for back squatting. Anyway. 110# “felt” like 75-80% of my 10RM, so although I didn’t test a 1RM, at the moment I imagine it’s somewhere in the 140-155 range. (ugh.)

B1) EZ Bar Walking Lunge, 3x10
80x10, 80x10, 80x10
I like these a lot. However, my left leg is a lot weaker than my right, so there were a couple steps where I thought I was going to keel over for a second. Legs and lungs were smoked after each set.
B2) Seated Leg Curl, 3x10
110x10, 110x10, 110x10
Could have gone heavier on these - for some reason whenever I hit above 120# my lower back gets way too involved, so I kept it lighter.

C1) Cable Pull-Through, 3x8-10
85x10, 90x10, 90x10
Haven’t done these in a LOOOONG time, but forgot how great a posterior chain assistance exercise they are.
C2) Smith Machine Calf Raise, 3x15-20
165x20, 165x20, 165x15

D) 2-Minute Leg Press, AMRAP
38 reps @ 140#
I should play around with the foot placement here, since I feel LP almost entirely in glute/hamstring instead of quad.

E) Hang Power Clean, 125x5
Just for fun.

Good workout overall. I’m pissed at how weak I got the past two years, but it’s good to get back under the bar. Monday is off, Tuesday is upper body. Between now and then: Remember to eat. Stretch the legs. Relax.

3/26/14, 04:30, Upper Body

A) Chin-Up, 4x8-10
(All @ BW)
10, 10, 10, 10
Need to add external load next time, because sets of 10 aren’t really hard.

B1) Inc. DB BP, 3x8-10 + Drop
65x10, 65x8, 65x8 - 45 x10
Felt weaker than usual on these today. The 45# drop set was too light, though.

B2) 1-arm DB Row, 3x81-0 + Drop
I…totally forgot to do these, because hurr durr durr.

C1) Seated DB OHP, 3x8-10
45x10, 45x10, 45x10
Probably kick the weight up next week.

C2) Seated Cabled Row, 3x8-10
125x10, 125x10, 125x10
Not a big fan of this exercise - it just doesn’t smoke my upper back much. I might sub in HS rows next time.

D) Haney Shrug, 3x10
110x10, 120x10, 130x10
First time doing these. Definitely will go heavier next time - liked them a lot. And they were in the Smith machine, because I can’t shrug a barbell around my ass.

Good workout. Need to eat more. Been super hungry the past two days.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is leg day 2. Get hyped.

Haven’t been able to work out this week due to personal problems (girlfriend up and moved out on me, etc.), so I’ve been busy dealing with that. Missed two workouts. I’ll try to get back on the bike tomorrow.


  • Haven’t been logging workouts.
  • I discovered while trying to do a leg spec program that my squatting mechanics are all kinds of fucked up. Poor ankle mobility, lordosis, etc. End result was some serious knee pain, so I backed off. From now on in lower body workouts, I will be replacing back squats with front. (I’ll try to do prehab-type work on leg days so I have the option to progress to back squats at some point.)
  • Broke as shit for some of my aforementioned reasons. This means very little, and often low-quality, food. It sucks but that’s where I’m at. I understand that this likely means little strength gain, and next to no size gain, but I’m going to train hard as often as possible because it helps me forget the bad shit, of which there’s quite a bit at the moment.
  • Switching from a leg spec program to a Frankenstein program that likely has too little progression, too many sets, too many focii. But hey, fuck it. I want to have fun in the gym again.

Workout 6/12:

  1. Haney Shrug, 3X15 @ 100/110/115/115
    Set 1 a little light, wanted to go for a finisher. Still love this exercise.
  2. Leg curl, 15, 12, 12 @ 100/110/110
    Taking a cue from John Meadows here. Just trying to warm up the legs.
  3. Front squat, 5X5 @ 100/105/110/115/120
    Used strap grip. Sets 1 and 2 probably too light. Judging by how I felt, 125# is probably my 5RM right now.
    4A. EZ Bar walking lunge, 3X10 @ 60
    4B. BB Hip Thrust, 3X10 @ 185
    Up in weight for lunge AND Hip thrust next week. Ass ahoy.
    5A. Seated Calf Raise, 3X20 @ 50/50/50
    5B. Smith Machine Calf Raise, 3X20 @ 135/135/135
    My calves are pitiful. Big calves are cool. Try to work on mind-muscle connection, especially on seated calf raises.
  4. Seated DB OHP, 4X8 @ 45/45/45/45
    Cues to work on: don’t flare elbows, try to avoid excessive arching to “help” the press. Felt smooth.
    7A.Cable Crunch, 2X15 @ 190/190
    7B.Dip Station Leg Lift, 2X15 @ BW/BW
    Moving the whole stack on the cable crunch, so I guess that’s cool. Focus more on initiating with rectus abdominis, don’t extend to where there’s no muscular tension.
    Leg lifts don’t feel very effective, and mostly just bother my back. Might turn away from these in lieu of some of John Meadows’s ab exercises next time.

Next time on the Frankenstein Program, we bring you (mostly) back and biceps work.

6/19, 02:45, Back

  1. Pull-Up, BWX10
    Chin-Up, BWX8
    Pull-Up, BWX8
    Chin-Up, BWX6+2
    These were depressing. This time last year I was banging out 20-rep pull-up sets.
  2. EZ Bar Bent Row, 3X12-15
    110X14, 110X13, 110X12
    I switched from a barbell to an EZ bar because it bugs my shoulders less, and I feel it in my upper back more. However, I need to kick up the weight next time.
  3. Back Extension, 2X15
    30X15, 30X15
    No idea why I added these in. I often feel that lower back strength is a limiting factor in a lot of movements for me (front squat, bent-over row, etc.). Anyway, can’t hurt.
  4. High Cable Reverse flye, 3X15
    20X15, 20X15, 20X15
    I like these, and I definitely should do more rear delt work. Just never feel like it makes any difference.
  5. Scott curl, 3X8-10
    45X10, 50X8, 50X8
    Done on preacher curl bench with barbell. Liked a lot - just struggled to squeeze up with biceps.
  6. 2-part hammer curl, 3X10
    15X10, 12X10,12X10
    “2-part” means hammer curl out, then across the body, for 1 rep. Seemed like a good TUT technique.
    7A. Cable crunch, 15
    175X15, 175X15
    7B. Decline bench leg lift, 15
    BWX15, BWX15
    7C. Pulldown Crunch, 15
    100X15, 100X15
    Tried out one of John Meadows’s new ab techniques with the pulldown crunch and enjoyed it very much. Will definitely try again.

I no longer have Internet access at home, so logging my workouts is a little more difficult now. Anyway, here’s my most recent workout.

6/23, 02:00
This was supposed to be a dedicated lower body workout, but I had a date with a woman the next day, so…yeah.

  1. Olympic Deadlift, 2X8
    165X8, 165X8
  2. Trap Bar Deadlift, 3X5
    195X5, 195X5, 195X5
  3. Single-Leg Leg Extension, 3X12-12
    40X12-30X12, 30X12-20X12
    Was channeling a little Zane on this one. I need to be careful because it bugs my knees at the bottom, but HOLY QUAD PUMP. I literally could barely walk on my way to the bench for the next exercise. Will definitely try again.
  4. Guillotine Press, 4X*\8
    100X8, 105X8, 105X8, 110X8
    I do these on an assisted bench, mostly because I don’t want to worry about dropping the bar on my chest. I absolutely love this exercise - my upper chest sucks, and I feel this in my upper chest a lot. Need to kick up the weight next time.
  5. Svend Press, 2X15
    10X15, 10X15
    Love these also. Not a tough exercise but great for that feeling of “activating” the pecs.
    6A. “Perfect” EZ Curl, 3X8
    50X8, 50X8, 50X8
    Little Vince Gironda on this one. Biceps have gotten weak - used 70# this time last year.
    6B. Rope Pressdown, 3X15
    60X15, 60X15, 60X15
  6. Shoulder Shocker, 2 Rds.
    10 - 25 - 10X12/ 10 - 25 - 10X12
    Borrowed this from Joe Defranco. Basically, side raise with DBs followed by front raise followed by standing OHP.

Fun workout overall.

Some non-workout related stuff:

  • Very broke. Working on changing it, but I am totally out of foodstuffs. It sucks, and I look like crap.
  • Due to issues mentioned earlier in the log (girlfriend moving out, although it’s a longer story than that) my apartment deal is all fucked up. Basically, if somebody signs a lease for July in the next 5 days I’ll have to move out at a moment’s notice (no car, no $$ to get a truck or moving pod). Obviously this is a pain in the ass, and if it happens my workouts and life will be all fucked up. I hope it won’t, but will update if so.
  • Depending on what happens with my apartment, I will be moving to Seattle in either July or August. I have a place to stay there, and it will be an opportunity to get my life back together after the events of the past 5 months.
  • Ex girlfriend took my bed. I’m okay with it, but I do feel a bit like a savage not having one.
  • Bitch took my cat too.
  • Mentally I have turned a corner. Ex girlfriend had up and left our place but was still living in my town, which considering she tore my heart out made it really difficult to operate. But she finally left town (to report to duty for the Navy), so I don’t have to worry about her fucking up my life anymore. (Hopefully).
  • I don’t want my life to be a fucking mess anymore. It sucks. I have to find a way to win, and I am (I hope) prepared to make that happen, despite the deck being pretty stacked against me.

Will update ASAP with next workout.

Haven’t updated recently, been very busy at work. Before I get to the log, a few updates:

  • I didn’t have to move out of my place on a day’s notice. Fuck yeah!
  • My landlord didn’t try to screw me out of money. Double fuck yeah!
  • Gotten lots more hours at work, which has made good training sessions fewer but allowed me to eat and get money together to move to Seattle. Triple fuck yeah!

6/29/14, 02:30

10 pushups
5 Pull-Ups
HUG Drill
5 Air Squats

2 Rounds.

  1. Haney Shrug, 4X12-15
    115X15, 115X15, 115X15, 120X15
  2. Leg Curl, 15, 12, 12
    100X10, 110X10, 110X10
  3. Front Squat, 4X8
    105X8, 105X8, 110X8, 110X8
    I normally use straps for the FS. However, it just wasn’t right today, so I tried the genie grip, which always feels kind of fucked up, but I pushed through. Big deal: I have a ganglion cyst in my right wrist, usually making the clean grip impossible. However, on my last set I managed to do it with little to no discomfort, which is great progress. Obviously I will try to do the clean grip going forward as much as is comfortable, because I feel that the strap/genie grip is a limiting factor in my loading.
  4. EZ Bar Split Squat, 3X12
    60X11, 60X10, 60X10
    My fat ass should do some conditioning work - I was GASSED after every set.
  5. BB Hip Thrust, 3X10
    185X10, 185X10, 185X10
    Too easy. Will kick the weight up next week, 205# probably.
  6. Single Leg Extension, 2X12-12
    30-20X12X12, 30-20X12X12
    HOLY QUAD PUMP BATMAN! These were still fun.
  7. Seated CR, 3X20
    50X20, 50X20, 50X20
    8A. Seated DB OHP, 4X8
    45X8, 45X8, 45X8, 45X8
    Felt strong on these. Will try kicking up the weight to 50s next time.
    8B. High Cable Reverse Flye, 4X15
    20X15, 20X15, 20X15, 20X15
    Starting to “feel” the rear delts more. Probably a good sign.
    9A. Cable Crunch, 15
    190X15, 190X15
    Whole weight stack again. Should probably look for ways to make this harder, or increase resistance.
    9B. Pulldown Crunch, 3X15
    John Meadows again. Unique ab contraction.

Overall: great workout. Very excited about the successful clean grip on front squats.

6/29/14, 02:00

  1. Pull-Up, 10, 8, 8
    BWX10, BWX8, BWX8
    Set 2 done as chin-up.
  2. Dip, 10, 10, 10
    BWX10, BWX10, BWX10
  3. Complex: Hang Power Snatch x5, Hang Power Clean x 5-10, Hang High Pull x 5-10
    70X5-8-8, 70X5-8-8, 70X5-8-8
    Love this complex, fun but a gasser.
  4. Guillotine Press, 4X8-10
    105X10, 105X10, 110X8, 110X7
    Good muscle activation on this today. Chest was smoked by the end, hence the lower reps on set 4.
  5. Svend Press, 3X15
    10X15, 10X15, 10X15
  6. BB Preacher Curl, 3X8-10
    50X10, 50X9, 50X8
    9A. Hammer Curl, 3X10
    25X8, 20X10, 20X10
    9B. Rope Pressdown, 3X12-15
    60X15, 65X15, 65X15
    Should probably look for a way to increase intensity and/or loading on this.

Overall: good workout. I had to cut some stuff, because I was cutting into sleep time as it was. Hopefully I can get everything on lock with work schedule and get enough sleep from here on out.

Note: forgot to write a couple workouts down, hence the seemingly large gap between the next couple.

07/08/14, time unknown

  1. Haney Shrug, 4X12-15
    115X15, 115X15, 115X15, 115X15
    Kick up weight next time.
  2. Guillotine Press, 4X8-10
    105X10, 105X10, 110X8, 110X5+5
    Weak-ish today. Kind of weird
  3. Leg Curl, 15, 12, 12
    100X15, 110X12, 110X12
  4. Front Squat
    Assholes in the squat rack for forever. Had to skip. (dammit.)
  5. EZ Split Squat, 3X10
    60X10, 70X10, 70X10
  6. BB Hip thrust, 3X10
    205X10, 205X10, 205X10
  7. Single-Leg Extension, 2X12-12
    30-20X12-12, 30-20X12-12
  8. Seated Calf Raise, 3X20
    50X20, 50X20, 50X20
    9A. Seated DB OHP, 4X8
    45X8, 45X8, 50X8
    9B. Cable Reverse Flye, 4X15
    20X15, 20X15, 20X15

Want to get back to the front squat. Got very excited about the successful clean grip last time.

07/12/14, 11:30PM

1A. Dip, 10, 10, 10
BWX10, BWX10, BWX10
1B. Pull-Up, 10, 8, 8, 6
BW X10, BWX8, BWX8, BWX6
Sets 2 and 4 as chin-ups.
2A. Guillotine Press, 4X8-10
100X10, 105X10, 105X10, 110X10
2B. 1-Arm DB Row, 12, 10, 10, 8
65X12, 70X10, 70X10, 75X8
I liked super setting this quite a bit. Challenging and left me wheezing. However, the loss in rowing strength is pretty disappointing. Last year I was rowing 100s with good form.
3A. Incline DB BP, 3X10-12
40X12, 45X12, 50X10
Waaaay too light on set 1. Kick up weight next time.
3B. HS Pulldown, 3X12
90X12, 90X12
Too easy @ 90# and I’m not big on the angle. Probably will switch this up next workout.
4A. BB Preacher Curl, 4X8-10
50X10, 45X10, 40X8, 40X8
So I wasn’t too weak on this, but paired with the hammer curls, after set 2 my biceps were so pumped I couldn’t do them on the preacher bench any more. I did sets 3 and 4 standing, with an EZ curl bar.
4B. 2-Part Hammer Curl, 4X12
12X10, 10X10, 10X8, 8X8
Totally underestimated how much of an impact the preacher curl had - my arms were SMOKED for these.
5. Shoulder Shocker, 2 Rounds
10-25-15X12, 10-25-15X12
This is borrowed from Joe DeFranco. Trying to go a little lighter on the shoulder raises to not “cheat” with traps.
6A. Cable Crunch, 2X15
190X15, 190X15
6B. Reverse Crunch, 15
BWX15, BWX15

Diet related post: After I move to Seattle and get semi-situated, I’m going to both try to keep a food log and “clean” my diet. I’m not fat (~11% BF, 4 abs), but I love pizza and burgers, and I think eating more like a bodybuilder would make a significant and quick aesthetic change. Been eating better the past few weeks, and hydrating (~2L/day), and been looking much better also.

07/18/14, 2:15 PM

1A. Dip, 10, 10, 10
BWX10, +10X10, +10X10
Felt “grooved” on these today (mind-muscle connection in the pec, no shoulder pain).
1B. Pull-Up, 10, 8, 8, 6
BWX10, +10X8, +10X6+2, BWX6
Making an effort to get back into weighted pull-ups. When I was best I was hitting BW+60 for 5, soo yeah, I should get back on that.
2A. Guillotine Press, 4X8-10
105X10, 105X10, 105X10, 110X8
2B. 1-Arm DB Row, 12, 10, 10, 8
65X12, 70X10, 70X10, 75X8
Going to increase weight on first set next week. Grip became a limiting factor during set 4.
3A. Incline DB BP, 3X10-12
45X12, 50X10, 50X9
45# still felt too light.
3B. Straight-Arm Cable Pulldown, 3X12
85X12, 85X12, 85X12
Old staple. I like this exercise.
4A. BB Preacher Curl, 4X8-10
45X10, 50X7, 40X8, 40X10
Same pump problem as before. Weird.
4B. 2-Part Hammer Curl, 4X10-12
12X12, 10X12, 10X10, 8X12
Still feel like a puss when I lift those teeny dumbbells. Going for a pump, so I guess it’s ok.
5A. Cable Crunch, 2X15
190X15, 190X15
5B. Reverse Crunch, 2X15
BWX15, BWX15

Fun workout.

In the midst of moving stuff (I fly to Seattle next Saturday), so my sched has been a little screwed up.

7/23/14, 14:30

  1. Haney Shrug, 4X12-15
    120X15, 120x!5, 120X15, 120X15
    Can probably kick the weight up here. Felt good activation of the traps, and they stopped being sore relatively quickly (~36 hours post-workout).
  2. Front squat, 4X8
    105X8, 115X8, 115X8, 115X8
    Successful clean grip on all sets without pain! Felt pretty strong. Need to work on depth (near parallel, my lower back starts to feel fucked), but I can definitely go up in weight so long as technique continues to improve.
  3. Leg Curl, 15, 12, 12
    100X15, 120X12, 110X12
    Was supposed to do these prior to front squats; machine occupied by granny doing them with 10#. Tough due to exertion from front squats. Accidentally hit 120# on set 2.
  4. EZ Split Squat, 3X12
    60X12, 60X12, 60X12
    Must have hit front squat good, because I was SMOKED on these - weak, sweaty, and huffing by the end of each set. Clearly I should do more, because I hate them.
  5. BB Hip Thrust, 3X10
    205X10, 205X10, 205X10
    Glutes were smoked also. Could stand to go up to 215# next time.
  6. Single-leg Extension, 2X12-12
    30-20X12-12, 20-10X12-12
  7. Seated CR, 3X20
    50X20, 50X20, 50X20
    Probably time to go up in weight, and also do some standing calf work.
    8A. Seated DB OHP, 3X8
    45X8, 45X8, 50X8
    OHP is always tricky - 45# is definitely too light, but 55# is waaay too heavy. Felt good, though.
    8B. Reverse Cable Flye, 3X15
    20X15, 20X15, 20X15
    Good activation of the rear delt. Probably time to kick up the weight.

Gym sched will (hopefully) not be too fucked up in the next week (selling my car, so getting there will be a challenge). Going to try and take care of as much moving stuff as possible today so I can avoid too many issues with planning and execution in the next 7 days.

An update:

I’ve been getting a decent amount of training in since moving cross-country, but have not been logging workouts consistently. Here are the facts as they stand:

My brother and sister-in-law (married 1 year) offered me a place to stay. I gratefully accepted, as the job market in their state is significantly better than mine, and I thought I would be able to get more hours at my current job/find a better one.

Upon moving, they informed me that I had 2 months (October 1) to find some place else to live, in a city undergoing a tech boom a la San Francisco, which means unaffordable rents for anyone not working in tech. In addition to this, my brother’s wife took exception to some pretty mundane things (don’t sleep late even if you work at night, don’t say the words “bitch” or “pussy” because they’re misogynistic, you have to watch sports in the basement, you don’t say “thank you” enough, you need to seek help from a mental health professional) and also has reiterated to me 5 times that my presence in their house “is really tough on [their] marriage.” In short, she’s a totalitarian, so being here has been extremely unconducive to fixing my problems.

So these things being the case, I’ll have to try something else. Recently my training has been fucked up due to all these roadblocks, but a few things I have been working on:

  1. Working to heavier front squats, esp. utilizing a clean grip.
  2. Doing mobility screens (wall squats, paused BW squats, hip opening exercises) to try to fix some of my limitations to make back squatting a viable training option.
  3. Getting back to weighted pull-ups. Pre-military stuff, my PR was +65#x2 @ 165BW. I’m not close to that at the moment, but I’ve gotten to a +45#x1 since coming here.
  4. Rehabilitating the bench press. I’ve always experienced slight shoulder pain from barbell bench pressing, and I have terrible upper pecs, so I tend to avoid it. However, I’ve recently experimented with “greasing” the shoulder joint with push-ups, and utilizing a wider false grip on the bench press in the power rack. No problems, and it makes my chest work quite well. I’m going to keep working with this.
  5. Running. Haven’t done it much; hate it, bad at it. However, this is what held me back from military stuff, and it really pisses me off. This is a work in progress, but I’m going to work on it - even if only for my own satisfaction.
  6. Training for dominant legs. This is a complicated issue. Obviously it’s a multifaceted training problem - what am I training the legs to be dominant at? In short, everything. I have naturally big but weak-ish legs, and they respond very rapidly to resistance training. I think big legs are cool, and I want to have great leg development. The antidote to this is fixing my mobility and flexibility issues.

Secondly, I want to be a decent runner at middle and longer distances. Not because I like running, but because it affects my choice of profession. I want to be able to run a 1.5 mile in under 10:00, and 4 miles in under 28:30. The solution to this problem is likely twofold: one, when and how to train the run; and two, fixing my running mechanics. The first facet is one of programming, and I think I can find workarounds myself. The second is a professional one, and I will likely have to scrounge up the money to work with a running coach to fix my form. (In short, I run like a meathead - like I’m trying to use my back and arms to fight the ground.)

Thirdly, I want good - not great - lower body static strength. I can (trap bar) deadlift a lot more than I can front or back squat (285# v. 155#), and that’s a pretty big imbalance. I’ve accepted that unless I put on significant weight and train lifting almost exclusively, I won’t be putting up huge numbers in my upper body movements unless they’re bodyweight. But as a point of pride, I want to be able to hit more balanced numbers in my lower body movements - something like 225# FS and 250# BS. Not huge numbers, but if I could hit those while running a 9:50 1.5 and swimming an 8:00 500, I’d be a very happy camper.

In summary, my current problems, in order of importance, are as follow:

  1. Find a new location to lay my head.
  2. Find employment that will let me support myself - e.g. pay for housing and bills, and eat to support my training. (I thought my problems with this would be resolved by my move to Seattle. Alas, this has not been the case.)
  3. Watch the Tigers win the World Series. (Okay, maybe that should go further down on the list.)
  4. Start working to fix my running.
  5. Work toward a training split that will generate respectable progress toward all my goals.
  6. Don’t give up.

I thought working with family, things would be different. Unfortunately that has not been the case - they want me to live on their terms. So fuck em. I’ll have to find another way.

As they say, “aut inveniam viam aut faciam.” That’s all for now.

Have not updated in forever. Cliff’s Notes:

  • I am currently making enough money to live on, in a different locale.
  • Successfully completed Power Look Program - results below.
  • Now working on chest - it’s beach season, brah.

Results from Power Look Program:

  1. Traps, lats, shoulders all visibly better in mirror. Numerous people have said something to the effect of “What happened to your traps, dude?” PLP has made it evident that my traps can grow: in fact, they might end up overpowering my delts if I’m not careful, but that is putting the cart before the horse. I look at this as an extension of having a good back:crappy chest dichotomy.
  2. 5# of LBM gained. Could have been more, but my diet was wishy-washy. I need to dial this in for the next training cycle, which will be focused on hypertrophy.
  3. My legs do not grow from low volume programs, such as PLP. I got stronger, but I need higher reps (8 ) to hypertrophy the quads and hams.
  4. By the numbers:
    Pre-PLP FS/BP/DL/PP 1RM: 165/160/275/125

End of PLP 3RM: 170/165/265/135

Not exceptional or impressive numbers, but focusing on just training strength (and following a cycle to the letter) was great. I loved it, and I loved trying to 10-rep a set of front squats yesterday with 135 and thinking “this is a warm-up weight.”

Will be logging more consistently to keep accountable.

Goals for this cycle:

  1. Chest hypertrophy.
  2. Eat to support hypertrophy - hit your goddamn macros.
  3. Keep up training for sport (amateur boxing, southpaw. First fight some time in August.)

Stay hungry, gents.