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Finding the Best Split for an Ectomorph



Height is 186 cm, weight is 76 kilograms


Cool. On that note, if you enjoy training, you’re also a mesomorph and if you like eating, you’re an endomorph, because those traits correspond with those types. Point being, somatotypes are about as accurate as horoscopes, and just as “useful”.

Yes and no. It makes zero sense for you to try designing your own program as a beginner… because you’re a beginner. Kids don’t teach themselves how to write, because they don’t know what they’re doing and they’ll end up with gibberish. Same for beginners making their own plans.

As you become more experienced and go through several months/years of trial and error, you eventually figure out what your body responds to and what doesn’t work for you.

And that food you mentioned is a good start. I’d start by bumping up the breakfast portions to increase calories, especially the protein.