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Finding the Arimidex Sweet Spot


I need some advise with my arimidex dosing. I’m 37 years old, 5’ 7", 190lbs and 15% body fat. I run or swim 5 - 6 days a week. As I’ve stated in previous posts, physically I feel great. I’ve been losing weight and gaining muscle. Mentally, not so good. I keep missing the arimidex sweet spot.

If I take too little arimidex, I begin to feel emotional and anxious. If I take too much, no emotions and my head begins to feel “fuzzy.” In both cases, I get stuck in a cycle of depressive thoughts. When I adjust dosage, I do hit the sweet spot for a few days.

This is what I do know, 1/2 mg ED is too much after 3 weeks. Conversely, 1/2 mg EOD is too little after 3-4 weeks. Currently, I’m cutting tablets in half. I’m considering ordering some liquid arimidex for consistent doses and greater adjustibility.

My current hormone replacement regimine is:
200 mg of testosterone cypionate injected once a week
1/2 mg of HCG EOD
1/2 mg of arimidex EOD

My latest bloodwork was taken an hour before my weekly cypionate injection:
Serum Test: 1046 ng/dl (200-1000 ng/dl)
Free Test: 35 pg/ml (19-26 pg/ml)
Serum Estrogen: 2 ng/dl (.5-5.0 ng/dl)

This bloodwork was taken 4 weeks after I changed my Arimidex dosage from 1mg ED to 1/2mg EOD. Prior to that, my estrogen was 0 ng/dl. Although the estrogen number looks good, I suspect it it increased over the following weeks because I started to feel alittle more tired and emotional. I increased my dosage to 1/2 mg ED and began to feel better within a day or two. Now I find myself on the other side of the pendulum.

I’m considering changing my dosage to 3/4 mg EOD.


Where can I buy liquid arimidex?

Also, I have low testosterone due to varicoceles. I’ve had corrective surgery. Although I’m taking HCG, could I be deficient in pregnenolone?

Thanks in advance for any input. You guys / this forum has been very helpful.

First off … you need to split up that 200mg.

Switch to 100mg E3D

Your T spike after that 200MG is VERY high. Makes it VERY hard to adjust E2.

You said your hcg dose is 1/2 mg… do you mean 1/2ml, i.e. 500 iu (assuming 1000 iu/ml concentration?)

If you’re taking 500 iu eod that could be the problem… most people do well on 250 iu, and hcg can increase aromatization significantly, particularly at higher doses (generally thought to be doses above 500 iu, but people vary.)

Probably you should split your shots up, 100 mg 2x week, and halve your dose of hcg, and see where that takes you before adjusting a-dex… you may end up actually lowering your adex dose too once your body adjusts to the new protocol.

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Arimidex is funny stuff…
Hitting the sweet spot is sometimes difficult as many have stated.
I have both 1mg tabs and a liquid adex, but I’m cutting my 1mg tabs into 1/4’s and taking 1/4 six days a week, and 1/2 one day a week (2mg’s a week)

My point is: since adex takes approx. 14 days for serum levels to even out, I would try 1/4 ED, not 3/4mg EOD. I say this because you stated 1/2mg ED was too much…

I don’t know what size your HCG vial is, (5,000iu’s or 10,000iu’s) or how much BA water you add to the vial of powder to reconstitute.
If you have 10,000iu’s and you add 10ml of BA water, then 1ml is 1000iu’s, but I presume you already knew this.

I also suggest you divide your T shots into smaller doses as well. 100mg’s every 3-1/2 days or 56mg’s EOD. The T (or E2) spikes you currently experience, will settle down with smaller more frequent dosing.

I currently do 56mg’s of T EOD, along with my 250iu’s HCG, EOD as well.
When it comes to adex, patience is important.
PM me if you want a liquid adex vendor.

Eggman, you already got some great responses here.

I would add that total Estrogen is not the lab value men need to “chase.” Estradial (aka E2) Ultra Sensitive Assay is the number you want to find out and manage.

The HCG you are taking will help you with regard to your body manufacturing pregnenolone, but you might want to get a compounded pregnenolone cream (requires Rx) or find an oral version (OTC). The former being the better route.

Also, if you’re like me, higher HCG seems to convert to higher estrogen. 250iu might be a better dose. You just want enough to keep your testes working.

In my experience over the last year or so, it’s easier to adjust T and HCG that to adjust Arimidex.

Keep reading here, KSman and KNB have posted a lot of helpful stuff, as have others.


I forgot something… after starting HCG it is more difficult for me(and some others posters as well) to dial in E2 levels. The “extra” T this is now being produced in the testes comes with the curse of more aromitase too, I believe. I have gone as high as 3.5 mg’s/week of adex, and had no noticeable negative side effects, of course I didn’t have the “positive” side effects I was looking for either.

What I mean is difficult to describe… I still have strong morning woods, still have sex on the brain, but i’m not excessive horny all the time. If sex is available i’m all in, but i’m not on the hunt as much as before. I believe my E2 levels are slightly climbing again, but i won’t know for sure until the next b/w.

The “funny” thing is, i’m still making gains in the gym, have a healthy appetite, and I’m not putting on any fat, so I have a serious case of “mixed signals”. If anybody else is going through this, you’re not alone…