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FInding T Level Ranges


I was just tested for Total T and Free T and despite a lot of skill with Google, cannot locate a decent site to review what the ranges are for someone my age (47).

FWIW, my levels came back as follows:

Total: 337

Free: 6.52

Thanks for the help.


Did you search T-Nation? Patterson recommends 1200 ng/dl for men, and therefore an E2 of 30. Free, I don't know.

I'm 54 and the doctors have told me 240 ng/dl to 950 ng/dl.

Whatever you do, take Arimedex (Anastanzerole) to keep E in check.


Ranges are not very useful.

What was the lab range for FT number?


I am really a beginner at this hormone stuff, so please bear with me. If you mean what was the reference range they provided, it was 8.7 - 54.7 pg/ml.

For the Total T, it was 262 -1593 ng/pl.

However, my 337 represents a drop from a reading of 500 a year ago.

I have seen you referenced as one of the board experts on this subject, would you suggest an endocrine or urologist? My symptons are:

  • lower body hair loss
  • low energy/mild depression
  • low libido
  • inability to add muscle despite a really solid program designed by one of the best in the industry. I can PM you with details on this if that would help.



Screw the range, what matters is how you feel. Some guys feel good at 500 some don’t. As KSman will tell you , its not all about Test alone, there is a whole suite of hormones that play a role in how you look, act , and feel.

As a 51 year old who was on TRT for about 9 years before I took matters into my own hands, you should not expect a great deal of knowledge from a mainstream Dr and I seriously doubt that even if they do prescribe you TRT, they will not treat your estrogen conversion issues.