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Finding Spike in Canada?


Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I'm from Canada, Vancouver, BC. I've been really wanting to try Spike, but I can't seem to find any. I went into some supplement stores and even GNC. They all had no clue what Spike is! I was really surprised that the people at GNC never heard of it as well.

Does anyone in Canada or even Vancouver know where to buy it? If not I guess I would have to resolve to online. :frowning:



they are not available here. yohimbine is a controlled substance. you need to import it yourself. you are allowed a 3 month supply. get a package receiving account at mailboxes plus in blaine, right across the peace arch. half a mile tops, i walk across if traffic is heavy, parking at the park. just order from the site, pick it up, bring it across, declare it, pay 6% GST and you are home free.


Excellent answer, just what I was looking for. Thanks. I guess I will have to hold off until I get my car in a few months. :frowning:


SND Canada sells Spike


Oh, even better! Now I can save some gas and get it sooner. :slightly_smiling:
I'll order right now. I should probably start buying all my supplements online from now on anyways. GNC stole a lot of my cash, I only went there because it was so close to home.


If you can order online Mikaj, why not just order it from here? And how can you save gas if you don't have a car?

On another note, what is everyone's fascination with GNC? Here (Ontario if not Canada) they suck hard. Overpriced, uneducated salesman, selling complete garbage, in my opinion. SND's a little better, but again, why plug their site when you can get it here. If you're worried about price, try the big auction site. That works too.


you could always just oder direct from the website...I've had no problems with delivery so far....Knock on wood


If I order from here, won't it have to cross the border and make me pay duties? I'm assuming SND doesn't because its Canadian? I have no clue about any of this. I still haven't made my order.

Also, I meant I would save gas by not having to wait for my car, then drive down.

GNC does suck, but its like one block away from my home and they have a pretty girl that works there. Although, neither are good reasons to get ripped off. I'm glad I discovered the internet.

Anyways, I can't wait to try Spike. I'll most likely decide how to make my purchase this weekend.


I was in GNC yesterday, as it's got the biggest selection of products in my city, but it's still not very good.

Me "Do you sell or can you get Surge or Metabolic Drive, or really anything from Biotest?"
Lady that owns store "What's Biotest?"
Me "Arghhhh..."