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Finding Someone to Train With?


Started off the new year with a decent plan to gain weight and a buddy who wanted to start going to the gym. Going on 3 weeks since we have started he has switched programs 4 times and has switched between 5 different supplements. He eats like an ethiopian and doesnt take advice from anyone, not even people who have already achieved his goals.

We go to the gym and his working sets are never difficult for him. I hate when he skips out early from a lift to go do cardio on the treadmills. Guys...I am going out of my fucking mind with this kid. I have come to the conclusion that he is beyond reasoning with, is wasting my time, and I am looking to replace him.

Does anyone have any good tips on finding someone who is willing to work with me mutually on achieving goals and keeping eachother accountable?


One way is to get bigger first, people will take you more seriously when you have a good base and are putting up good numbers.

I'd say just work out on your own until more serious guys start noticing. Once they start noticing, just talk to them here and there..build a friendship and see what happens from there. Plus you can draw attention from really determined guys who are just starting out, quite a few opportunities open up when you pay some dues (time in the gym and getting bigger).


Seriously, just don't bother with training partners at this stage. I'm assuming you're in your mid to late teens? If your goals were to have hawt abz and a vast number of neglected body parts you'd have a lot of choice in your training partners. But since it seems like you want to get bigger and stronger, best to just distance yourself for now unless you bump into someone who's in the same situation as you.


put your ipod in and don't talk to anyone.


Finding a GOOD training partner is like finding a true friend - they're both once-in-a-lifetime events. Your best bet is to BE that good training partner to someone who already has their shit together. You'll get stronger faster and learn a ton, and he'll be grateful to find someone willing to listen and work hard.




You could also join a strength club/organization like powerlifting or football. You'll then have a whole team that can help you out. Even if you only do it for a little while you can still learn a bunch.


Don't let your goals be held down by other people's lack of goals, Ipod and barbell is all you need for now.



I work out with Disturbed.

I'm in the process of getting a session in with Austin_B as well.


I would drive 14+ hours to Florida for a chance to workout with NIkki.


o ya?


i will blow up your car halfway, cut your face off, throw it on over mine, and workout with her instead


The goal is to get as large as possible, I am 20, and I am nervous as hell to squat without a spotter (also i am pretty sure my form is shit, but thats beside the point) and dont want to have to use the smith machine. I pretty much expect to miss lifts. I have been told that if you get every rep in every workout, then you arent working hard enough. I cant join football as I dont have time due to my major/wouldnt make the team as I am not good enough to play Div 1 football in college, cant workout with people who are serious as they are all athletes and work out in a separate gym which I am not welcome in due to university rules(which kinda pisses me off that I am forced to work out with kids who arent serious, show up in jeans and ed hardy gear and do biceps/chest every day), and the end goal is not to be a powerlifter.

Basically, I wanna bench, and squat without having to worry about missing reps, and I would like someone to keep me accountable. I just got back from class only to find the kid I am supposed to be working out with walking out the door to go to the gym to run on a treadmill (how do I know? I asked). Never even told me he was going haha. And, I find that when I lift with him, he stalls my progress as he actually listens to people that write for mens health and shit like that, and wants to go do other shit every 5 minutes, and constantly distracts me from what im doing. Personally, I could have the most boring program on the face of the earth, if it is working, then I couldnt care less. There is nothing boring about results. Also he complains about the taste of protein shakes. I dont give a shit, as long as they put weight on me. Seriously, I am sorry I ever even asked the kid. (If you made it to the end of this rant, then congrats. Youre a fucking champ.) I need someone with a similar mentality I guess.



Grab a spotter when you need one for bench (if you can't, be smart about it or use DB's), use the pins in the squat rack so you don't get crushed.

A lot of guys lift solo, and a lot of guys have made good progress doing so.


Grab a spotter when you need one for bench (if you can't, be smart about it or use DB's). For squats, use the pins in the squat rack so you don't get crushed.

A lot of guys lift solo, and a lot of guys have made good progress doing so.




Do you have a weightlifting class that you can sign up for?


your better off on your own. go at the same time consistently everyday and you'll notice its always the same people at the gym at that time. get to know a couple of them and ask them for spots. sometimes what you are training that day is the same as someone else you see there everyday and you can train that body part together for that session.

as far as finding a reliable partner, good luck.


Yeah, like me getting teabagged by some guy who can't even spot me for 150 lbs!

Guess I'm still bitter...