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Finding Routines on the Site

Hey guys anyone know a easy way to search through routines from T-Nation? For some reason the search function on my computer acts up alot and usually doesnt work and i go through the archives but its hard to find them. IS there a list or a link to all the routines ? Are they caterogized in any way ? Thanks !

The FAQ has a pretty solid list to start off with (for just about anything you need).


The only way i know is to either:

A) search for articles by author, by clicking on author at the top, scrolling down to the desired author and reviewing the articles posted on the site

B) search by either performance enhancing or bodybuilding training on the bar at the top on the home page. this will turn out all the training articles from the start of T-Nation (by year or month by month)

C) use the search tool and use words that would likely associate to a training style you like e.g. high frequency, hypertrophy, fat loss etc

hope this helps

Tshep, I agree. When I first arrived on T-Nation, I couldn’t find anything. That’s only because I didn’t know what I was looking for (deep, huh?). If you’re looking for a routine to accomplish X, then search for X for post a thread about X.

Ok guys thanks for all the tips !