finding room for a home gym

hello guys:
I moving now, and giving my girl a hard time cause I want a place for a power rack inside the house. can someone give me some idea about minimal room size to be used as a home gym? I want a power rack, a bench and a platform.



Put it in the garage! My garage has never had a car in it. It has been a gym since the place was built. As far as size goes, if you are want those 3 things separate you are gonna need a bunch of room. If you are looking at a rack with the platform under it and extending out from it and a bench that can be placed inside the rack you wouldn’t need much more than 12 x 12. (less would work)

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I second the garage suggestion. It was the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

I have my home gym in the basement…but the garage is a better choice since you have more height. I have been priming my wife for a home gym addition to the house.

thanks guys but I won’t ahve a garage… just rooms. in Israel houses are very expensive and everyone lives in apartments.

Maybe I’ll insist on an apartment with a private garage.

GS - to have the most efficient use of space, you will need to restrict most of your activities to the confines of the cage, if you assume that a traditional cage is probably 4 ft by 4 ft and your bar is probably a 7 ft bar, at a bare minimum, you will need a space that is probably 7 foot by 10 foot. That would basically give you 1.5 feet of clearance on each side of the bar (admittedly not much) and 3 feet in front of the cage to use for anything off a platform (you would have to place the platform in the cage). The prior suggestion of 12x12 would probably be ideal, but I am assuming you are very space-constrained. Good luck!

Aren’t most garage floors sloped? What do you guys do about that?

My driveway is sloped, but not my garage floor. I can feel the difference when I skip rope. Flat is much easier. Back on topic garages with floor drains have some sloping near the drains, most others I have been in are flat, or just as flat as a poured concrete slab can be. :wink:

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We’re looking for a house, and the garage is going to be a very important feature for these reasons.

My garage floor is sloped near the drain but I put my stuff over in a corner. It may still be slightly sloped but i can’t really tell so it’s ok. Only thing that sucks is when it’s going to be dropping below zero this winter. If it sucke this year I may throw some insulation up and get a space heater next year.

Garage floors aren’t sloped by design.

On houses with attached garages the floor of the garage is surrounded by the foundation of the house, thus they can’t slope it any noticeable amount due to the basic tenets of construction.

I dont really know why you would want it sloped anyway, i mean the whole water rolling out thing is a fantasy anyway, and if the sloping wasnt done perfectly right the water would all pool up in the front corners by the garage door rails, causing them to rust or keeping the bottom of your door wet.

As for the home gym, best place is a ground floor, be that garage floor or a basement with a decent ceiling height. If you put a good home gym into a floor above ground level you should probably put some extra plates of plywood down under it all, assuming you plan on lifting some good weight. Then put those rubber mats on that to deaden/soften the blow from dropped weights.

I dont know how you guys who live in northern climates can handle giving up your garage space, I hate cleaning the car off in winter and shoveling around it. Heating the garage would also be required, and cooling it in summer.

Training in the garage in the winter requires quality thermal underwear that is light weight and wicks sweat. I might check into some UnderArmor this year. Layers are key!

I also have a space heater to keep frost from forming on the cold concrete, I found out that the sweat freezes into an nice ice slick.

As far as scooping out the vehicles, just extra GPP. Plus both my wife and I have 4 wheel drive trucks, so no real reason to scoop if I don’t want too!

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The space I use is basically 9’x12’. I have two stall mats that are side by side, with the cage on them, and I use a little more space to take the bench out of the cage (though I “could” get away with less). On top of that, I have the dip cage and a heavy bag in the garage. I have a walled-off area in the garage that is currently used for other purposes, but when that moves out of the house, it’s mine to use for the home gym (10’x24’). Can’t wait.

I know you can fit a power rack, bench and platform into a 12x12 room, that is with room on the sides for weights and bars, you can’t go smaller than that! If u want to know about building a platform let me know

whats a good price for a good power rack? oly set? I need one that I can tie bands to the bottom and the top also.