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Finding Rep Max

I’ve got a stupid question. I am about to start Chad’s QD training program and I need to find a load that is 18RM for example and use it for 6 sets and 3 reps each. Instead of guess and try on the load, I was wondering if there are a chart that approx. your RM at different weight/rep. Like if your 1RM on bench is 225 then ur 6RM should be around 185…something like that.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Look at the bottom


Interesting link reidhoch, thanks.

for 18 rep max:
weight = 0.625 1rm

This is based on Epley formula.
This is only an approximation. If you never lift with 18 reps then you will probably have only a crude approximation. It is good for a first guess.

If you can do some math then you can use the following equations.

1rm = (1 + 0.0333 reps) x weight

reps = [(1rm / weight) - 1] / 0.0333

weight = 1rm / (1 + 0.0333 reps)