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Finding Partiulcar Weight Plates?


I bought a 300 lb set from Dick's a few years ago, and I want to get some more matching 25lbers for my olympic dumbell bars(I have 2 right now, and I need about 6 more). Does anyone know of a cheap place to get more individual weights from CAP?

Some places on the net sell them, but shipping and handling kills me, Dick's only seems to sell CAP in 300 lb sets. I'v checked Craiglist and Ebay...nothing so far there. Any ideas?

PS At the very least I need to more CAP 25s then I can get 4 of another brand so it's at least balanced out on each dumbell.


Not sure where you live, but the Treadmill Factory in Markham Ontario sell CAP - http://www.treadmillfactory.ca/?goto=browse&id_subcat=44&show=16&start=0&sortby=lowprice - by the plate if you like.


NJ…do they ship anywhere but Canada? Doesn’t seem like it.