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Finding out if they have a boyfriend

How do you find out if a woman has a boyfriend during a conversation with them, without out directly asking them on a date or if they have a boyfriend?

If you try to put your dick in and there’s one already there, she might have a boyfriend.

never ask a girl if she has a bf. if she doesnt volunteer that info to you either she doesnt have one, or she does and doesnt care. either way you win. you should already be able to tell if a girl is interested in you or not based on conversation, body language, etc…

Just keep talking to her until she mentions she has a boyfriend. The topic will eventually come up.

And if she does have a boyfriend, then who cares? It’ll just be about sex, if anything, and you won’t have to get her gifts come holiday time or meet the parents.

In hindsight women will usually tell you if they have a boyfriend or not. If notice that that if they like you they refer their guy friends as friends if they don’t see you as boyfriend material they will refer one of their guy friend as a boyfriend. vis versa. Hope this helps.

Just say: “So how are things with you and your man?” You’ll find out her situation fast.

For starters who cares if they do. You are a man! You feel no shame for the desires you feel as one!
If you want a woman, then go after her!

Having said that…a woman doesn’t just magically forget she is seeing someone and needs you to remind her.
She is either open to finding a better relationship or she is deeply in love with the guy and you don’t stand a shot.

Two other possibilities…she will say she has a BF to test for your balls.
If she sees this doesn’t phase you. That you are a man that goes after what he wants, then you pass the test.
Or she has no interest in you, and she uses this to try and get rid of you. As she has on so many little boys in the past. Your response to this should be exactly the same. An attitude that you don’t care and you let no-one stand between you and what you want.
Bottom line is this.

If a woman has absolutely no interest in you. SHE WILL TELL YOU!
There is an addition to this. Don’t fear rejection. Your power as a man, at a brutal level is this. Any woman you encounter you could break, force to submit and make crawl to you.
You have no desire to rape a woman or use your fists on her.
But this does nothing to diminish your own strength and power, your own capabilities as a man.
Once you realise this, you will look at any woman without fear or intimidation and just be yourself.

Hmm. I met a girl over a week ago, who I thought I’d really like. She was into a lot of the same things I am, etc, plus she was cute. So we talked before and after class, and then before and after class the next week. We were talking about a wide range of subjects. As I was walking with her, I asked her about her necklace, and if there were a story behind it. She said “oh, my boyfriend gave it to me.” Hmm. The rule is, she’s supposed to somehow work it into the conversation from the beginning. Especially when I’m commenting on her “big, beautiful eyes” and how I love Italian women.

rant over.