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Finding my Aromasin Dose

on my second cycle, running test e 250mg 2x a week and EQ 250 mg 2x a week, 20mg dbol ED and have been taking 6.25mg aromasin ED. Some days i feel great most i feel okay and some i feel like absolute shit . i have had two bloods done on my e2 since starting this cycle i am now on week 5 of. This is the first test and on this day i felt pretty good.

and then 18 days later i got more bloods done and on this day i felt like garbage.

So I now have lowered my dose of aroma to .3125mg ED so far im feeling good today. I am wondering if it is normal to have such a small margin of error for e2 bwing dialed in and what should my dose be if i felt good at 22pg/ml e2 but felt like shit at 16 pg/ml of e2

Why are you taking any AI to begin with? Have you had high E2 side effects? EQ alone can cause low E2 issues, taking an AI on top of that without a need is just a bad idea.

yes i was getting sore nipples and hot flashes so i started taking 6.25mg aromasin ED

That’s you associating symptoms to high estrogen. Unfortunately that can lead to overcompensating and crashing E2 because when those symptoms aren’t actually estrogen related you end up treating it until you crash your estrogen and wish for the days where the worst thing that happened was extra sweating and nipple “soreness”. No hate. I learned the same way. It took me two crashes myself. Live and learn.

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it is very strange to me because last cycle i did test e 250 2x a week and took 1/4 pill of roma ED and everything was perfectly fine. now i am taking more compounds and the 1/4th is too much?

Do more research on EQ.

would this be what you are referring to?

I also see a lot of people saying that EQ does aromatize, although much less than testosterone . Just a ton of conflicting info out there

I’ve never run EQ, nor researched it myself a ton as I have no plans to use it. Anecdotally however, I have heard people report it crashing their E2 levels, and it being very difficult to manage E2 while on it.

Decent chance that you might not need an AI at all with your current dosages. But that’s just a guess. I ran 500mg Test E and 30mg DBol with no AI at all and felt great. It’s all individual though. But your dosage is rather high. I have taken 12.5mg aromasin E3.5D for one cycle to help with extreme irritability and bitchiness. Even then, I wouldn’t have taken it if I didn’t have two young kids and a wife that I couldn’t afford to be snappy with.

thank you for the starting point. i’m already learning stuff they don’t tell you unless you dig deep

Definitely true. This is why folks on this site stress researching so much. It’s crucial to know what you’re putting in your body, not just for side effects and risks, but also understanding how these work, can better help you get the most benefits out of a cycle.