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Finding Marijuana


How does one go about finding dope in a city where you don't know anyone and don't want to scare people by just asking randomly???

There is a Uni near by but I'm not quite sure how to approach the situation.

I'm in Regina BTW, from Vancouver. Literally don't have anyone I know that I could ask in this town......



Find the party scene and mingle.


Comedy clubs.

I'm sure you've got a laugh stop or a yuk yuks in Regina.


I have a friend named Jo in the city. How much are you looking at?



Bars and nightclubs...smokers and dealers will be easy to find.


Just get an MMJ card. $25 for an 8th.


Go to a strip club and ask a stripper

They'll def have a hook up for you. Those bitches are always stoned outta their heads.


Call this guy: (306) 777-6500


Serious ??

I'm not sure how to take this thread now.... don't know if people are fucking with me....


Just go out to the night spots dude. You will smell it in the air. Its simple.


Haha.... thanks bud.


? ? not much, an eighth I guess.




you found some?


ask a local police officer where you can find some primo bud


this cat is high as hell


Or ask complete strangers on the internet where there are cops who post regularly


Just robotrip bro




Wasn't remotely serious.

I just can't see thing turning out well for someone who is online asking for a tutorial on how to locate/purchase drugz lol