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Finding Libido on TRT/Arimidex Help?


Ok. I think am older but I basically shoot good when I edge. Other then that my orgasm feel awesome but you can’t tell by the amount that comes out. But then again I ejaculate everyday sometimes 2.


I rarely ever feel the desire to orgasm.

Starting to lose hope. I’m awaiting bloods from my eod protocol. Just can’t seem to get aroused.


I’m starting to wonder if there’s an endorphin disruption/ deficiency in some of us. Or the “reward system” for lack of better terminology. We’re missing something here.


I’m convinced it’s neurotransmitters and not so much hormonal.

Although neurotransmitters are controlled by hormones to
Some extent.


Do you sleep well at night?

Physio had suggested this to me once. phosphatidylserine

Read about it. It is needed for the brain connections.


I’ll check it out. Never ever been a sound sleeper. Very light sleeper.


Have you looked into bremelanotide?


Ive read a bit about PT 141, but it’s not something that can be used daily.

I am seriously starting to think some people are just hardwired to not be very horny or get very aroused. It’s their wiring. And the body fights back against you when you add certain things in an attempt to try to find libido. Like homeostasis is your worst enemy.


Let’s say you are not horny right now. But feel normal. And your girl starts kissing/touching you and blowing you do you get horny?

Am not being funny just trying to see how you judge this.


Not really. I get very little arousal. A little blood flow, but not good enough. And I don’t get that “I gotta get laid NOW” rush one would normally get.

I did someone get that feeling with buspar. So I think I may have TOO much serotonin and not enough dopamine. Buspar will affect both to some extent.

I do know that estrogen will increase serotonin production, so I may need to get mine lower… like lower than the stated 22 this site seems to advocate. Waiting on bloods I took last Monday. Had thyroid checked also.


My friend went to the Dr for Ed. Doc massaged prostate. He got a hard on. Dr said it works it’s stress and psychological. He is not on trt.

He has some old fashioned Dr.


I am probably going to get in trouble for posting this, but … @charlie12’s post made me think of it.


:joy::joy: :joy::joy:



Being 40, my dr has given me the prostate exam a couple times. Ouch. But no boner.


Lol. I had a DRE too. Never got boner quite the opposite.

It’s a prostate massage I was taking about. Old fashioned Drs may do. People pay doctor to have this done.

It could be done at home to.