Finding I Need a Lot Less Arimidex Than When I Started TRT

Question - When I started TRT 6 years ago I needed .25mg Arimidex 3.5/wk to keep my Estradiol in the sweet spot. Now my tests are coming back low E taking the same dose (nothing else has changed)
I’m going to lower to .25 mg/wk and see what happens.
Anyone else have similar experience?
I know some on TRT @ 100 mg/wk of test don’t even use an AI…I wonder if maybe I might become one of those people?
Seems very odd to me but tests don’t lie

I have been on TRT for almost 2 years and was taking 1mg of Arimidex per week and my estradiol drop to low. I have now cut back to .5mg per week and level is back up. I have read that body fat will convert test to estrogen. I have become a great deal leaner over the last 2 years, I’m wondering if this is the cause.

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Similar here. I have cut dose by 50%. New lab results tomorrow.

I have continued to loose fat. I have been training for 1.5 years now and gained a lot of muscle mass, not much really, but very significant for me. But only gained 5-6 pounds. So there has been a lot of muscle gain and fat loss. But I did not have much fat, but its trimmed down even more.

I had overlooked the body fat issue and it looks like a good explanation.

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Interesting…you might be onto something :slight_smile:

I’ve dropped from 230 lbs around 25% body fat down to 200 lbs are around 12% BF and it allowed me to reduce my dose of arimidex by approximately 50%.

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I have never taken Anastrozole. I was taking Grapeseed extract but as I reduced body fat my E2 got too low so now I take nothing on 140mg E7D.

Thanks for all the replies! Weird thing is I never had a lot of BF when I started TRT…probably a bit leaner now but not a lot.
All good as I hate taking more than I have to of anything.

Bumping an old thread for an update. It took about a year but my E2 level went above high limit at .5mg of Arimidex per week but body fat is down even more. I guess 1mg per week over a year is to much but .5mg over a year is not enough. I will blood test every 3 months and vary dosage. I’m thinking alternating weeks of 1mg and .5mg.

Interesting topic. I’ve been on TRT coming up on a year now as well, and I have been suspecting the same thing. But with me, my body comp isn’t significantly different, so I’m wondering if some people can simply become more sensitive to arimidex over time.

Coincidentally I go in for labs later today, so I will soon see what’s going on, but I suspect I’ll end up having to lower my arimidex dosage.