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Finding HPTA Restart Sticky?

I want to find the HPTA RESTART STICKY.

How and where do I go to find this?

I think it was taken down because it was a decade old.

HCG for three weeks while you cease testosterone. Nolva (tamoxifen) at 20mg for six weeks. Saved you a click.


Ok, I was confused because member keep telling others to refer to the HPTA sticky and I could never find it.

Not sure when it was removed.

How much dosage on the hcg, probably depends on the person and how long they have been shut down?
You think 250iu ed for 3 weeks is a good start or are we talking higher dosage like 500-1000iu ed for 3 weeks?

250 eod is fine. Some guys go higher but the goal is always minimum effective dosage. 250 eod should be enough to get things moving, especially if you’ve been on hcg during trt.