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Finding Good Stregnth Coach in DE

I am in need of a good stregnth coach, I really just need some advice on lower back weakness. My Chiro seems to think, and this is what I thought prior to seeing him, that I have some problems targenting my lower back and spinal erectors. my lats and upper back are overtaking my lower back and it is changing the way I bend and perform squats and such. I have been working on form for all exercises and it’s on point(not perfect but you will never be perfect always can tweek a little) but I have been getting a knot in my mid back, around the bottom of the tie in for traps. it gets really bad on exercise like squat and deads where I am using lower back. I will be rehabing it, did PT and am using the exercises plus will be doing lots of Rev Hypers and pullthroughs and such, and making it my focus for the next 6 weeks to get my back to some degree of improvement so any ideas on finding a good Doc or coach would be great and any ideas on what to do would also be great.