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Finding Good Coaches

Anyone have any tips for finding a good coach for olympic lifts/squats/deadlifts? I live in Ocean City, Maryland and am having trouble locating one in my area. I would be willing to travel to other parts of Maryland however…

We have several oly lifters who train at a facility in Baltimore, but that’s quite a ways from OC. Have you looked on the USA Weightlifting website? I’m not familiar with any clubs or coaches offhand in your area. BTW, an olympic coach will be useful for the oly lifts and squatting, but probably not much help for deadlifting.

Thanks a lot for your response. I actually have a place that I can stay in Baltimore for a while. As far as deadlifting goes, I’m actually more interested in the olympic lifts and squats anyway, so that’s no problem. I’ll be sure to check out that site. Thanks again.