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Finding Gear is Hard as Shit


Listen, I have read enough to know that what Im about to say is probably going to get me torched on here but I dont know what else to do. I have never met anybody that has taken steroids with in the last ten years. The place I workout has nobody that is offering anything, products or advice. And Ill be straight up enough to admit that I am not completely comfortable ordering gear on the internet. Not without an "ok" from an experienced buyer...

I originally wanted to run a simple test only cycle like the one in the newbie sticky. Cant find test.

I then started to read up alot on anavar and thought that would be a great deal for me since it is supposed to be mild and doesnt cause a lot of weight gain, more just strength gains and they stay. I know its expensive but thats not really an issue for a 6-8 week cycle. Once again though. How does one know that they arent getting bunk gear or going to get arrested.

Now I can google test or anavar and find all kinds of people that are willing to sell me stuff but what the hell is it? How can I distinguish between the good stuff and the crap?

What Im not asking for is where I should buy stuff (unless you want to tell me in a pm or something) what im looking for is what should I look for to know that this is quality. Thank you for all that are willing to help.


You have to keep a keen eye out for what is mentioned in threads. Look up source names with the word scam or legit and see results. Form contacts on user forums. Basically do your homework and then trial and error. Not easy but doable if you are patient.


I would be helpful if you reveal your location. If you are in central Australia, you are out of luck. But if you are in Singapore, you just go to Thailand and do a short cycle there. You get the drift


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Thanks to those that pm'd me. Great advice. If there is any others with advice I would greatly appreciate your help. But lets just do it in a pm. i dont want to get the three stooges here all worked up again. I forgot that some of you were born with all the specific knowledge it takes to put together cycles, that at no point did you ever have to ask questions. My bad.


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While I totally understand that you don't wanna just say: "Here, do this, take this and you'll be all set" because there is thousands of variables and it makes sense to KNOW more before you actually do anything; I still don't see why those "in the know" can't answer a question like this better. He said himself that he's not asking FOR sources (directly) and that he's just looking for some advice...isn't that what this is all about?

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For those not 'in the know': http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=spacedocking