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Finding Freelancers


I know of iFreeLance.com and the rest, but where is a good place to find a negotiable-priced web design freelancer for a one-time job?

I'm having fuck-all luck working with a wordpress site [yes, i'm retarded], and am looking to pay someone $20-30 to fix a few things.

Should I look at the above site, or is there somewhere else better for my needs?


What do you need done? I might be able to help.


I can do it... I work with wordpress.. PM me what you need to be done... Paypal?


Oh, snap.

Lessee . . . need a search button moved, changing the content of some columns, and to be told how that got done, so I can do it in the future.


a good friend of mine is a freelance... shes getting 10 grand for designing a site for a model agency right now... www.mariebushbaum.com maybe shell help u out.


10Gs? Dude, I don't have a fucking comma in my bank account most of the time.


sry, i misread your first post.. i thought it was 20-30$ an hour.


LOL, it's all right.

If I could pay that, I'd have a bit more than a Wordpress page.