Finding Fitness Gear

I’ve been having trouble with the Search function…apparently some kind of problem with javascript though I really have no idea, so pardon me if this is an often asked question.

I’m looking for fitness gear. Stuff like boxing gloves, headgear, weight vests, etc. etc.

I did a google search on some of those things and obviously I got tons of websites thrown up at me that I’ve never heard of, and so many that comparing prices was just kind of difficult.

There are a few sports stores here where I live, but I was wondering if you guys have any favorite websites that you hit up first for all your stuff. Who’s got the best prices and reliability?


Bro tons out there depends what you need is great
new york barbell
midwest barbell

these are a good start


Should have known you’d be the first to respond. :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking and your posts seem to be extremely helpful to everyone.

/end own thread hijack/

lol No problem